'Light the Night': Who killed Sue? Here's a theory that hints Ah Chi might be the killer

Although Ah Chi is in desperate need of money, it isn't greed that may have pushed her into murdering her employer Sue — it's jealousy

                            'Light the Night': Who killed Sue? Here's a theory that hints Ah Chi might be the killer
Cherry Hsieh and Cheryl Yang in a still from 'Light the Night' (Netflix)

Jealousy is an ugly monster that can push people into doing some very bad things. Netflix's latest Chinese thriller 'Light the Night' gives us a peek into some of the awful things that an angry and jealous person can indulge in. Set in the Red-Light District of Taipei during the ‘80s, 'Light the Night' delves into the lives, love and struggles of the ladies who work at a popular club called Light. The club is run by two women who are fondly referred to as Mama-san Rose (Ruby Lin) and Mama-san Sue (Cheryl Lang), who entertain their patrons with music and drinks.

The series opens with a group of students stumbling across a dead body while hiking. The body is later revealed to be Sue's. We are then shown a series of events involving Sue and the other ladies at the club, hinting at who could have possibly killed Sue and what their motive could be. The police conclude that the murderer attacked Sue on her head and then dragged her body atop the hill, and when they realized that the dragging marks were left on the sand, they carried Sue on their back. While we will have to wait a bit longer to see who killed Sue and understand their motive, we have already begun throwing in our guesses. Based on the snippets shown from a few months prior to her murder, we believe that Sue's employee- Ah Chi (Cherry Hsieh) might have murdered Sue on 'Light the Night'. Read on to know why we think Ah Chi could be the murderer.


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Ah Chi (Cherry Hsieh) in 'Light the Night' (Netflix)

Did Ah Chi kill Sue?

Amidst the many young bar girls working at Light, Ah Chi stands out from them all thanks. to her age. Despite being way older than all the ladies at Light, Ah Chi continues to work as a bar girl because she doesn't have any other skills and doesn't know how else to earn money. Considering the huge mountain of debt that Ah Chi appears to be under, she has no choice but to continue to work in order to pay off her loans and get away from the loan sharks who constantly circle around her.

Although Ah Chi is in desperate need of money, it isn't greed that might have pushed her into committing the heinous crime of murdering her employer Sue, but jealousy. Ah Chi is shown to have very strong feelings towards one of the bar's regular patrons- Mr. Nakamura, a Japanese man who stays in Taipei. Ever since Mr Nakaura moved to Taiwan, Ah Chi has been by his side helping him to settle in and get comfortable in the new country. From remembering all of their old conversations to cooking the dishes that his late wife cooked for him, Ah Chi did everything to impress Mr. Nakamura and win him over. Unfortunately for Ah Chi, Sue stole Mr. Nakamure from right under her nose.

Soon Mr. Nakamura was totally smitten by Sue. When it was time for him to move back to Japan, he requested Sue to accompany him. To Ah Chi's dismay Sue agreed and began looking forward to this new chapter in her life. To make things worse, Mr. Nakamura proposed to Sue in front of everybody and declared his love for her. It was pretty obvious that Ah Chi hated it and felt that it should have been he beside Mr. Nakamura and not Sue. In one of the episodes, Ah Chi even admits to Sue that she wnats to kill her for stealing Mr. Nakamura away from her, so we wouldn't be surprised if Ah Chi actually stood by her word and killed Sue. 

'Light the Night' is available for streaming on Netflix.

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