Netflix 'Catching Killers' Season 2 Review: Mind-numbing episodes will give goosebumps

Netflix 'Catching Killers' Season 2 Review: Mind-numbing episodes will give goosebumps
Detective Otis from Season 2 of 'Catching Killers' (Netflix)


Season 2 of Netflix's 'Catching Killers' is a fresh take on true crime documentaries in and around Toronto, Canada. Each half-hour episode of the second instalment of the docuseries will leave you with unanswered questions. But more importantly, one will begin to question each serial killer's motive and sanity.

What's in store on Season 2? Brace yourselves for gruesome murders, graphic content and torturous proceedings. This documentary leaves no stones unturned. What's remarkable is the sheer professionalism and undying determination that each detective puts in to catch a wandering killer. As Toronto's best detectives tell us the roles they played in the investigations, all of them had to tearfully recall how much of an impact the killers had on them as well as their families. 


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Episode 1 of the series involves a detailed and thorough investigation of a psychotic serial killer, BTK. This man's process included bonding, torturing and killing, which thereby explain the acronym. Dennis Rader committed several murders initially in the 1970s and resurfaced about 31 years later. Rader pleaded guilty to murdering a total of 10 people, including children as young as 10-years-old. He'd enter his victims' homes, use ropes to strangle them, torture and then kill them. Even after being sentenced to a minimum of 175 years in prison in 2005, the man showed no hint of remorse.

The second episode saw night-time serial killer who'd roam the streets of Phoenix and shoot random people for the thrill of it. What's alarming is that the man had no sexual motives and there was no money involved either. So why would he thrive on injuring and killing innocent people? After hitting numerous dead ends, Dale Hausner and his partner in crime (literally) Sam Dieteman were caught. Hausner pleaded guilty for 6 murders, and took his own life on death row, while Sam was given life imprisonment without parole.

You might want to sit down for the last two episodes of the docuseries. The final leg of the episodes involves missing gay men who were all kidnapped, killed and eaten by a cannibal named Bruce McArthur. With Detective Harris having opened the case before retiring, she had strong reinforcements in and around The Village in Toronto. McArthur pleaded guilty to 8 first-degree murders in 2019 and was sentenced to life in prison. 

Will we be seeing a third season soon? Stay tuned for more updates. 

Season 2 of 'Catching Killers' was released on February 9, 2022, on Netflix.

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