'Murderville' Episode 1: Smart detective catches killer through his breakfast order

'Murderville' Episode 1: Smart detective catches killer through his breakfast order
Will Seate as Detective Terry Seattle in 'Murderville' (IMDb)

Netflix's 'Murderville' is different from ordinary stories. The detectives are working on investigating and solving hidden mysteries behind any unusual happening that needs special attention. The series is a perfect combination of comedy, drama and mystery.

In Episode1 of the 'Murderville', Senior Detective Terry Seattle (Will Seate) was surprised by a new partner, who is played by Conan O' Brien. As soon as Conan joins the force, the duo is assigned to investigate a magic show murder. The investigation turns out into a dramatic scene when both the detectives reach the death scene, and Conan starts asking some weird questions. However, they managed to bring a list of suspects and started investigating them. It is really impressive to observe how these funny detectives easily caught the killer just by focusing on the talks and the things they replied to for answering the questions asked by the detectives.


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Every investigation process is something serious, but Terry and Conan made it funny and interesting. They finalized the list of the suspects, including Deb (Alison Becker), Magic Melvin (David Wain), and a mom's association who were protesting against these magic shows turning out as a reason behind disappearing their children. As soon as the investigation started, it was very interesting and impressive to observe Conan putting all his efforts and making full use of his brain for knowing about the murderer.

When Magic Melvin was called up for investigation, he tried to entertain the detectives in the best possible way but he didn't know that these efforts could land him into trouble and bring out the crime he committed. He tried to divert the attention of the detectives by showing some magic tricks and making it funnier by asking for his favorite hot sauce. Sadly that demand for hot sauce was enough for Terry and Conan to suspect the killer because the murder weapon had no finger prints, but drops of hot sauce on it.

'Murderville' is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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