Netflix 'Biohackers' Season 2 Ending Explained: Is Lorenz dead? Season 3 highly unlikely

Netflix 'Biohackers' Season 2 Ending Explained: Is Lorenz dead? Season 3 highly unlikely
Luna Wedler as Emma Mia Ackerlund in 'Biohackers' Season 2 (Netflix)

Season 2 of ‘Biohackers’ has finally arrived on Netflix and it is another worthy addition to an impressive sci-fi series. The season is filled with thrilling sequences and is darker than the first edition. In the latest season, Emma (Luna Wedler) is trying to remember what happened with her after she was abducted. She miraculously wakes up in the middle of a science class and gets to know that everything she had in her life before the disappearance is completely wiped out.

The only thing she wants to do is to know what happened to her and why she doesn’t remember the last three months of her life. Additionally, Professor Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz) is trying to get her life back to normal after she was arrested for all the illegal experiments she did.



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As the season progresses, we get to know who kidnapped her and why did he do that. Also, one of Emma’s close friends, Lotta (Caro Cult), is also attached to her disappearance. In the final episode, we see Emma and Jasper (Adrian Julius Tillmann) finally finding Andreas Winter (Benno Furmann) and a secret lab.  

Benno Furmann as Andreas Winters and Adrian Julius Tillmann as Jasper in 'Biohackers' Season 2 (Netflix)

So, what happens at the end? Does Emma get her memories back? Is Lorenz alive? Let’s take a look at how Season 2 ended.

'Biohackers' Season 2 Ending Explained

The first five minutes of the finale see Emma and Jasper trying to get out of Wolfgang (Thomas Kretschmann) and Winter’s secret lab. The lab has been completely destroyed and they somehow make it out. Emma decides to visit Lorenz and warn her about Wolfgang, however, she is not home. On the other hand, we see Lorenz trying to meet Wolfgang while the antagonist is ready to blow her head off.

Luckily, Emma calls and warns her of what’s going to happen. She manages to run out of the warehouse and saves herself.


Jessica Schwarz as Professor Tanja Lorenz in 'Biohackers' Season 2 (Netflix)

Elsewhere, we see Lotta trying to confront his father Wolfgang about everything he has done over the years. Wolfgang tells her that Lorenz has created a drug called ‘Homo Deus’ that prevents people from getting sick again and that would lead to massive overpopulation. He explains to her how the drug will create a lot of problems and there will be wars for drinking water and other problems as well.

In the end, Wolfgang tells her daughter that Mia can’t meet Lorenz and she needs to stop them. Lotta calls Niklas about Emma’s whereabouts and he tells her that Lorenz is trying to save her at the Excellence Center.


A still from 'Biohackers' Season 2 (Netflix)

At the center, we finally get to know what happened to Emma after she was abducted. She was really happy when Lorenz was arrested and then she was abducted. We see Wolfgang and Emma sitting in the same room. Wolfgang explains to Emma that she can’t go around knowing about the drug and gives her the option to completely forget what happened to her in the last 24 hours or die.

Wolfgang is adamant that the drug should not exist or the world will collapse. After a little fight sequence between Emma and Wolfgang, we see both characters collapsing on the floor while all the supporting cast just tries to figure out what’s happening. Oh, and yes, they also figure out that Lotta betrayed them.


A still from 'Biohackers' (Netflix)

In the final moments of the season, Lorenz and Emma meet each other and ask about each other. However, they did not know that it was a setup from Wolfgang’s children. A bullet pierces Lorenz’s chest and she dies. The episode ends with Emma having her entire memory back and her journey might not continue past this point, but her situation seems to be resolved for the moment. As of now, now she can live freely with Jasper and her friends. The ending also suggests that Season 3 is highly unlikely, but you never know what the writers might be thinking.

‘Biohackers’ Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.


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