Netflix 'Biohackers': Why did Andreas abduct Emma? Here's what he might do in Season 2

Netflix 'Biohackers': Why did Andreas abduct Emma? Here's what he might do in Season 2
Luna Wedler as Mia Ackerlund in 'Biohackers' (Netflix)

Biohackers’ turned out to be an instant hit for Netflix. The German-language show is a must-watch for every sci-fi junkie as it explores the theme of genetic evolution. Apart from that, the show managed to enthrall viewers with a gripping storyline and impeccable acting. Season 1 was really successful and fans will be hoping for another thrilling edition when the show’s second season arrives on the streaming platform.

The first edition ended on a massive cliffhanger and people want to know if the show’s protagonist Mia Ackerlund, whose real name on the show is Emma Engels (Luna Wedler), will be able to get herself and Dr Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz) out of a dangerous situation. So, the stakes are higher this time around and it will be thrilling to see if Emma will get to the bottom of the matter.



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Before taking a look at what happens in Season 2, let's rewind and see the things we witnessed at the end of Season 1.

Luna Wedler and Thomas Kretschmann in 'Biohackers' (Netflix)

‘Biohackers’ Season 1 Ending Explained

Towards the end of the series, Emma manages to outwit Lorenz and finally gets away with all the DNA samples needed to prove Lorenz’s illegal genome experiments. The final moments of the season take us to a park where Emma meets the man she worked for. She brings along the gene samples and delivers them to the mystery man. He tells her that he was his father’s friend and connects with her. The mystery man also reveals that he was a scientist before wandering into journalism.

Everyone is convinced that he indeed was her father’s friend.


Benno Furmann as Dr Andreas Winter in 'Biohackers' (Netflix)

But then, something unexplainable happens when the mystery man forcibly acquires all the samples and abducts Emma. She is taken into a van and she sees her arch-enemy Lorenz tied and duct-taped. The mystery man is revealed to be Dr Andreas Winter.

Why did he kidnap Emma and Lorenz? And what are his intentions? Let’s take a look at how Emma could be used for his illegal experiments.


Why did Andreas abduct Emma?

The biggest reason for kidnapping Emma is her superpower. I mean, she was the only one who managed to come out alive after the dangerous experiments done by Dr Lorenz. All the other children died because of it, but she managed to stay alive. It will be really useful for Andreas to see how she did that. The power of the particular genome experiment is well-known. It is dangerous and can kill a person within minutes. The ending suggests that Andreas will be using Lorenz’s research to his own advantage. He believes that the experiment worked really well on Emma and now he wants to create a new genetic alteration that is supreme in nature.


Benno Furmann as Dr Andreas Winter and Luna Wedler as Emma Engels in 'Biohackers' Season 2 (Netflix)

According to his plan, the new alteration will give everyone a strong immunity system like Emma and people will be able to lead a healthier lifestyle. Although his intentions are pretty good, that’s not an ideal way to do that. Also, he might have his own agenda. Maybe, he is doing all this to become a legend in the scientific world and earn a lot of benefits.

On the other hand, he might also have a sinister plan attached to it as well. He might use the experiment to do some evil stuff. All in all, Season 2 will be a helluva ride that you don’t want to miss. Emma and Lorenz will be making an unlikely alliance to get out of captivity while Andreas will do anything to achieve what he wants.

Season 2 of ‘Biohackers’ will be out on Netflix on Friday, July 9.


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