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Netflix's 'Another Life' star Elizabeth Faith Ludlow shares how Katee Sackhoff helped her get through a 'panic moment' during the shoot

Sackhoff helped Ludlow get through a difficult scene and the young actress says having Sackhoff there with her was 'probably the only reason I could have got through that one'

Netflix’s brand new science fiction series 'Another Life' is dropping on the streaming service on July 25. The show, which has a bit of a space horror vibe, follows Katee Sackhoff as Commander Niko Breckenridge leading a team into outer space on a historic mission to find alien life.

Shows like 'Another Life' can often be very physically taxing for the actors who work on them and Elizabeth Faith Ludlow, who plays Breckenridge's second-in-command Cas Isakovic, also had to deal with what she describes as a "panic moment" during the filming of the show.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Ludlow shared about how she overcame her fear and managed to work through it.

"Specifically there's one instance where I go into the sleeping chambers, which is essentially a glass coffin," she said. "And I thought I was fine with it and then as soon as it started to close I kind of had like a panic moment and I had to ask them to just give me a second to breathe."

Thankfully, Ludlow's co-star Sackhoff, who has had quite a lot of experience working in sci-fi after her extremely popular performance as Starbuck on 'Battlestar Galactica', was on hand to help the young actor get through the scene.

"Katee was right there and she has done it before so she came over to me and was talking me through it and letting me know everyone's going to be right here if you need anything," Ludlow recollected. "So honestly, having her there was probably the only reason I could have got through that one."

Elizabeth Faith Ludlow in 'Another Life' (2019). (Netflix/Colin Bentley)

Quite a lot of the work on the show was a strain on the actors who had to wear heavy spacesuits and helmets that could often get claustrophobic, but Ludlow said that she eventually got used to it.

"As far as the astronaut suits go, that was just something that you kind of had to get over just because it was what it was," she explained. "It was definitely claustrophobic in the helmet but once you're in it long enough, you just kind of get used to it."

Ludlow is no stranger to demanding roles, having played First Lieutenant Lauren Griffin in 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'. "That role was a very physical role and a lot of the time we were filming in the element because wherever the monsters went, there was some type of storm or hurricane type conditions," Ludlow said.

"So a lot of the filming honestly could be a little tricky and it's sometimes a little dangerous because we're in the rain and there's fire everywhere and there are explosions and at the same time you're trying to film your footage and make your way around all these obstacles. You have to be aware of what's going on as well as your performance and that was definitely a challenge."

Apart from Sackhoff and Ludlow, the cast of 'Another Life' includes Justin Chatwin ('Doctor Who'), Tyler Hoechlin ('Supergirl'), Samuel Anderson ('Loaded'), AJ Rivera ('Grandfathered'), Alexander Eling ('Shadowhunters: Mortal Instruments') and Selma Blair ('Hellboy').

The first 10 episodes of 'Another Life' will arrive on Netflix on July 25, 2019.