Netflix 'Beckett' Ending Explained: Does Beckett manage to reach US? Here's how his journey ends

Netflix 'Beckett' Ending Explained: Does Beckett manage to reach US? Here's how his journey ends
Vicky Krieps and John David Washington in 'Beckett' (Netflix)

John David Washington’s latest movie ‘Beckett’ is finally out and is currently streaming on Netflix. The movie revolves around a man named Beckett (Washington) who is in Greece for a vacation with his girlfriend April (Alicia Vikander). Things get really intense when they get into an accident in which April is killed. On the other hand, Beckett is taken to a hospital.

When he gains consciousness and talks to the police, the authorities say that there were no people living inside the house where the car crashed. But Beckett tells police that he did a redhead boy and a woman there. That’s when things get upside down for Beckett as he becomes the target of a manhunt and a massive conspiracy.


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The movie has its highs and lows, but for the most part of it manages to keep viewers hooked to their screens. Washington’s riveting portrayal of a man who gets really scared after witnessing what has been happening to him is a treat to watch. His character goes through a lot of difficult and dangerous situations which terrify viewers.

So, what happens at the end of the movie? Does Beckett reach the US? Or do the authorities get to him first? Let’s take a look at what happened during the final moments of the film.

John David Washington as Beckett in 'Beckett' (Netflix)

'Beckett' Ending Explained

During the final moments of the movie, we get to know the real reason why authorities are running behind Beckett. They are the same people who want to overthrow Karras’ government in Greece and make it more volatile. The protagonist is on the run and reaches Athens with the help of a German activist named Lena (Vicky Kripes) and one of her friends. After getting an idea of the conspiracy, Beckett gets off at a checkpoint. An epic fight scene takes place inside the train subway and Beckett gets badly wounded but manages to escape by attracting fellow passengers. He wants to go to the US Embassy and two young men took him to the Embassy.

Vicky Krieps as Lena in 'Beckett' (Netflix)


Beckett meets Tynan there (Boyd Holbrook) and tells him the whole story. After hearing the entire scenario, Tynan suggests that Beckett should be taken to the local police. However, there’s a catch. Tynan is not as innocent as everyone seems to think he is. He is working as a double agent and wants to rig the elections. They get into a fight and end up in a basement. A few moments later, we get to know that Karras has been assassinated and Tynan is ready to Beckett leave the country. However, Beckett has had enough of everything and he smashes an iron rod to his skull.

But there is still a lot of danger for him to be out on the street. He spots the blonde woman that’s been looking for him and they get into an amazing fistfight. The woman gives him a formidable fight. As soon as the fight gets over, Beckett follows her partner’s car and jumps on the roof of the car. And the reason for doing that is the nephew of Karras, Dinos, is inside the car and has been kidnapped by the far-right extremist group.

John David Washington and Ponis Koronis in 'Beckett' (Netflix)


Dinos is the same child that Beckett saw after his accident and he was abducted by a group called Sunrise. The kidnapping was done to overthrow Karass’ government. In the end, Dinos is rescued from the trunk of the car.

The ending moments of the movie see an emotionally and physically drained Beckett telling Lena that he “should have died.” However, he was destined to uncover the truth behind the entire conspiracy and that’s why was kept alive.

A still from 'Beckett' (Netflix)


The ending of the movie is quite fulfilling and the child has also been rescued. Most importantly, it talks about the US’s influence spread into Western Europe and third world nations. There is no scope for a sequel for ‘Beckett’. But, the makers nowadays are notorious to turn a movie into a franchise if it is successful. So, it won’t come as a surprise if a sequel is announced in the near future.

‘Beckett’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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