America's largest teachers' union vows to make critical race theory impossible to reject

'The NEA is full of #communists that want to brainwash our children,' said a parent

                            America's largest teachers' union vows to make critical race theory impossible to reject
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A national-level teachers' association has come together to make critical race theory almost impossible to reject from US school curriculums. The educators in National Educational Association have adopted measures that attempt to stop the backlash and campaign against CRT, which has already seen the concept banned from school district boards in several states.

Vowing to ‘research’ organizations that oppose CRT -- a notion that essentially deems the American judicial system as inherently racist -- these educators aim to push back against attackers of CRT. This comes after an Iowa teacher went on a TikTok rant about not being able to teach CRT to her school students after the state banned the theory's introduction to school districts across the state board in June this year. But this radical attempt at reinstating CRT in schools also follows a spate of protests from parents, including a Black father who went on TikTok to tell his five-year-old how CRT is divisive. Another New York dad went so far as to pull his daughter from school after the concept was introduced into the curriculum, claiming parents need to fight against the theory.


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The educators' association's response to the ongoing backlash against CRT sees the NEA measure read: "NEA will research the organizations attacking educators doing anti-racist work and/or use the research already done and put together a list of resources and recommendations for state affiliates, locals, and individual educators to utilize when they are attacked. The research, resources, and recommendations will be shared with members through NEA’s social media, an article in NEA Today, and a recorded virtual presentation/webinar.”

The NEA also said they would need an addition $56,000 to combat critics of CRT, who have been denouncing the theory ever since President Joe Biden sanctioned its introduction in the US school curriculum, on his very first day in office. Slamming the NEA's new measure, Manhattan Institute’s Christopher Rufo, who has been most vocal about his criticism against CRT, tweeted: "We were born for this fight—and will show no mercy to the corrupt ideologues who are ruining American education. Swords up!” 


Rufo wasn't the only one, as several others tweeted individually and in conversation threads across the social media app slamming the NEA's new measure to make CRT impossible to reject. "the NEA is full of #communists that want to brainwash our children. #CRT basically is the schools saying POC are too stupid too learn. That’s called #racism," commented one user. Another called to cull the organisation itself, claiming: "Defund NEA. It’s a dangerous organization and does not deserve taxpayer funding. And any teacher caught teaching or supporting CRT will be terminated and their license revoked" 

Some were not surprised by the measure drawn up by the NEA, as one user tweeted: "Of course, the NEA voted to promote CRT in every public school! Helping the radical , Communist Dems to dismantle (Obama calls it “fundamental transformation”) and “remake, reimagine” this country according to their anti-God, anti- America vision, is their shared evil agenda." The general consensus found the NEA's measure to be as divisive as the theory they are advocating for. "So the #NEA comes out in support of #CRT today, huh? The largest teachers union in America wants to label one group of kids as oppressed and another as the oppressors? That's how you want school to work, @NEAToday?" asked one curious critic of CRT.