NCT Jaehyun attends 2023 SS Prada event, meets actors Song Kang, Louis Partridge and Winn Metawin

NCT Jaehyun attends 2023 SS Prada event, meets actors Song Kang, Louis Partridge and Winn Metawin
Jaehyun of SM Entertainment boy group NCT trends for becoming the newest brand ambassador for Prada at the 2023 Spring-Summer Menswear collection event (Twitter)

K-pop idols and celebrities are making heads turn internationally as more and more people from the South Korean industry are being announced as the brand ambassadors or global ambassadors of popular International brands. Be it all the members of Blackpink or be it EXO's Kai or BIGBANG's G-Dragon, YG and SM Entertainment are two companies that have a chokehold on international brands with their artists. Adding another idol to the mix of brand ambassadors is NCT's Jeong Jaehyun who has recently been selected as the brand ambassador of Prada.

On June 19, Jaehyun attended the 'Spring Summer 2023 Prada Uomo Fashion Show' in Milan for the Italian luxury brand Prada. The NCT members appeared at the event for the men's wear collection show for the spring/summer 2023 season held in Italy as the representative of Prada Korea. He started his ambassador activities with an overwhelming presence which is why immediately after photos of Jaehyun surfaced online, the boy group member started trending on Twitter immediately.


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NCT Jaehyun becomes Prada's newest brand ambassador

Jaehyun's collaboration with the event is not new and it has been a couple of years since the boy group member has been a part of the brand. Back in 2021, Jaehyun was the first in Korea to broadcast Prada's Spring/Summer 2022 womenswear collection, which was held simultaneously in Milan and Shanghai in September 2021, live on his Instagram account. With the 2023 SS Prada event, Jaehyun has solidified his place with the brand and is making a name for himself all thanks to the global impact of NCT and the love the K-pop idol has been getting online.

While talking about Jaehyun's new position as the ambassador for Prada, a brand official said, "I was able to fully feel his powerful influence through our collaboration with Jaehyun several times in the past which is why we selected him as the ambassador to represent our brand." The representative said, "He is an artist with both a luxurious visual and a unique fashion sense."


Jaehyun makes actor friends at the 2023 SS Prada event

At the event, NCT's Jaehyun also solidified his position as an actor in the Korean Entertainment scene as he met with popular actors who are also ambassadors of the brand. Korean actor Song Kang was seen with Jaehyun at the event where they hung out together and interacted with each other leaving fans with a visual overload. Song Kang is also known as Netflix Korea's 'it boy' after his appearances as the main lead in K-dramas like, 'Love Alarm', 'Sweet Home', 'Navillera' and 'Nevertheless' among others. 



Not only that but the duo was seen with English actor Louis Partridge who is an English film and television actor and is best known for his role as Tewkesbury in the Netflix original film Enola Holmes, starring alongside Millie Bobby Brown. At the Prada event, Jaehyun interacted with Thai actor Win Metawin (known as Metawin) and introduced the actor to Song Kang showing his humble attitude that has fans praising Jaehyun's politeness. Metawin is a popular Thai actor who shot to fame after starring in the BL (Boy Love) 'Together: The Series' opposite actor Bright Vachirawit.


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