'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 Episode 6 delayed. When is it airing next?

Tuesday, October 29 was supposed to be the air date for episode 6, titled 'Matthew 5:9', but instead it went with an older episode from the previous season.

                            'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 Episode 6 delayed. When is it airing next?

Just like its original counterpart, 'NCIS: New Orleans' decided to take a random break this week as it chose to air an older episode from the previous season, instead of the designated sixth episode of the ongoing season 6.

Tuesday, October 29, was supposed to be the air date for episode 6, titled 'Matthew 5:9.' The revealed plot synopsis says this episode would see "Lasalle hoping to avenge his brother's murder by tracking a drug ring in Alabama he believes is responsible; when Pride assists with the case, he crosses paths with Eddie Barrett, an elusive individual who knows more than he is sharing." Sadly for fans, they have to wait for another full week to watch all of that action unfold as the episode's air time had been postponed to next Tuesday, November 5.

With Game 6 of the World Series airing on Fox, now was a good time for the franchise to take their break as fans are more likely to tune into the game instead of regular TV shows. Along with that, November will commence the 'sweep break' where TV rating companies evaluate viewership data and patterns making this an ideal week for 'NCIS: New Orleans' to take a break. That and the fact that the TV season has to accommodate 20 to 24 episodes through a 39-week time gap, so expect a couple of these breaks throughout the season.

'NCIS: New Orleans' isn't the only show that took breaks out of the blue in the middle of an ongoing season. While the most popular mid-season break is the holiday season one during December and January, sometimes shows take a week of airing off sporadically in the middle of the year. 

Taking notice of the rerun of a previous episode, fans expressed their confusion on social media, but most of them were thrilled that the show went ahead with an episode where Rob Benedict starred as Agent Hanna Khoury's ex. One fan tweeted, "My Dad just texted me to let me know that "God" was on TV (it was a re-run of NCIS New Orleans). But the fact that he only know @RobBenedict
as God is the funniest shit ever."

'NCIS: New Orleans' season 6, episode 6 will air on Tuesday, November 5 at 9 pm only on CBS.

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