'Naomi' Episode 9: Naomi's parents are aliens too, fans say 'that was a plot twist'

'Naomi' Episode 9: Naomi's parents are aliens too, fans say 'that was a plot twist'
Kaci Walfall as Naomi and Aidan Gemme as Jacob in 'Naomi' (Instagram - @kaciwalfall)

The latest episode of the CW's 'Naomi' revealed new information on ETs in her midst, having Naomi starting to question her trust in her friends and their true intentions. The episode is rightly titled, 'Keep Your Friends Close'. 

Further, a visit from Steel has Dee and Zumbado scrambling on their feet, as they gear up for the mission to find the extraterrestrial at the McDuffy anniversary party. The last leg of the episode has us on the edge of our seats, with the prime suspects being Nathan (Daniel Puig), Lourdes (Camila Moreno), and Anthony (Will Meyers). 


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Here's what fans are talking about with regard to the shocking end of today's episode. One fan shared, "NAOMI’S PARENTS ARE ALIENS?! I did NOT see that coming! #Naomi", while another said, "The ending of #Naomi has me FLOORED! I mean FLOORED!!! WOW!!! Didn’t see that coming! Naomi". 

One fan tweeted, "Wait no, that wouldn’t make sense cuz it seems like Zumbado and Dee are completely unaware about Greg and Jen…so are they with the ones who destroyed Naomi’s planet and then kidnapped (alien-napped?) Naomi?! #NAOMI", while another said, "That was a plot twist. #Naomi". 








One fan shared, "Dee was funny tonite 😂 and what a reveal I suspected the dad but not both parents Ah sookie sookie now..getting good and now gotta wait a month geez #Naomi", while another said, "#Naomi was great tonight! Big surprise at the end. Sucks we gotta wait a month until the next episode. But at least I got time to watch the episode I missed four weeks ago". 





One fan said, "Presuming their tech is good, I guess Papa Greg is a Damn Dirty Earth Boy instead of a cool dude from Rann with the necessary jet pack and space gun. Then again, not all alien people have fancy powers. #Naomi".



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