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'Naomi' Episode 9: Fans get 'shipping vibes' from Zumbado and Dee

Here's what fans are talking about with regard to the latest episode of The CW's 'Naomi'
UPDATED MAR 31, 2022
Alexander Wraith as Dee in 'Naomi' (Instagram - @alexanderwraith)
Alexander Wraith as Dee in 'Naomi' (Instagram - @alexanderwraith)

Episode 9 of 'Naomi', titled 'Keep Your Friends Close' aired on March 29, 2022, on The CW. It sure isn't surprising that the fans' dream team, Dee and Zumbado, make for a dynamic duo, what with their witty remarks and hilarious banter. 

Prior to the alien investigation at Naomi's (Kaci Walfall) party, Zumbado (Cranston Johnson) tells Dee (Alexander Wraith) that the the two need to be at the top of their game to find out who the extraterrestrial is at the gathering. To do so by blending in with the crowd, they had to dress the part. When Zumabdo mocks Dee for not owning anything that isn't black in his wardrobe, Dee shows up in a seemingly black suit, and says, "This is charcoal". What's more, Dee makes quite the impression at the party with the seemingly classy yet tight suit he is forced to wear (wardrobe courtesy of Zumbado). Read on to know what fans think. 


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Here's what fans are talking about with regard to the final episode of The CW's 'Naomi'. One fan said, "they fruity AS HELL #Naomi", while another shared, "Sometimes I get weird shipping vibes from Dee and Zumbado. #NAOMI #NaomiCW@TheCWNaomi".

One fan tweeted, "Zumbado and Dee in suits #Naomi #yeah", while another shared, "So when are Dee and Zumbado becoming a couple? #Naomi #Arrowverse".





One fan shared, "LMAO at Dee and Zumbado talking about clothes! #NAOMI", while another said, "Dee and Z are the team we never knew we needed. #Naomi".

One fan tweeted, "Dee and Z teaming up to ward off the white man from the military I’m here for this #Naomi", while another said, "I’m getting used to these Zumbado and Dee scenes. #Naomi".





One fan shared, "Love seeing Dee training. Always hot. Loving some eye candy. Does Dee ever get to tattoo anyone or people just dick him around saying them want tattoos but don't #Naomi", while another said, "these men are fine and superheroy!! @TheCWNaomi #naomi". 



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