'Naomi' Episode 3: Zumbado tries to find allies as Naomi's parents reveal SHOCKING secret

Naomi's journey of self-discovery also brings with it some dark secrets

                            'Naomi' Episode 3: Zumbado tries to find allies as Naomi's parents reveal SHOCKING secret
Cranston Johnson stars as Zumbado on 'Naomi' (The CW)

It looks like 'Naomi' is really picking up pace with three episodes in. The CW series follows the origin story of the superhero Powerhouse, known as Naomi McDuffie. Although she has lived her life for the past 16 years as an average human, a sudden event involving Superman leads her to discover that she is far from ordinary. However, this journey of self-discovery also brings with it some dark secrets.

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While Naomi slowly gets the hang of using her powers, her curiosity around the disc grows. While Dee agrees to train her, Naomi can't help but feel like he's taking it far too slow and that she can do more. Along with Annabelle, she breaks into Zumbado's safe and finds the disc. With upcoming college campus tours, Naomi uses this as an opportunity to break into a hi-tech geology lab with her friends, hoping to study the disc.

However, when they try to analyze it, it causes the machine to malfunction while the disc disappears entirely. Naomi's mom is worried about her behavior, and while she tells her she needs to be home at 6 pm, Naomi goes on to defy her and meet Dee instead. Dee introduces her to Adam, who is not from Earth. Adam can read energy signatures and tells Naomi that she is connected to the disc and has the power to unlock, but the one she found was not the original.

Kaci Walfall as Naomi McDuffie in 'Naomi' (The CW)


Their meeting is cut short when the military attacks them, but Dee gets Naomi out safely. Naomi goes home, only to be grounded by her parents, who are worried about her behavior. Lourdes later breaks into Naomi's home, and they both have a conversation that leads to Naomi finding out where she might find the disc's key. Naomi takes Annabelle with her and nearly kills them both in an attempt to use her powers.

This causes Naomi to realize that she has a long way to go. The next day, she tries to come clean to her parents, only for her father to tell her that the government is hunting down aliens. Her parents take her to a crash site, the place where they found her, revealing that they know Naomi is not human.

Meanwhile, Zumbado seems to be rounding up a list of 29 people, all of whom are not from Earth. He meets with a woman named Akira, who refuses to join him. There is more to Zumbado's past, as Akira suggests that he was the reason her 'home' was destroyed. However, Zumbado sees Naomi as the key to his plan and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

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