REVEALED! 'Naked and Afraid' contestant Melanie Rauscher died after 'huffing' cleaning product from air cans

REVEALED! 'Naked and Afraid' contestant Melanie Rauscher died after 'huffing' cleaning product from air cans
Melanie Rauscher passes away at the age of 35 from inhaling excessive amounts of compressed air (Credits: Dicovery)

PRESCOTT, ARIZONA: Melanie Rauscher, a recreation specialist who participated in the show 'Naked and Afraid', died after breathing in a lethal amount of compressed air, according to the most recent findings from the authorities. On July 17, Rauscher's body was discovered in the guest bedroom of a Prescott, Arizona, home where she had been dog-sitting.

When the homeowners arrived back from a vacation, the 35-year-body old's was discovered close to dust-cleaning cans, according to reports at the time. On Saturday, September 3, the Yavapai County Medical Examiner has finally determined that she passed away as a result of inhaling the deadly propellant, according to TMZ. Difluoroethane poisoning was given as the official cause of death.


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The authorities have already emphasized the risks associated with "huffing" dangerous compounds like difluoroethane to get high. Trembling, confusion, unconsciousness, and coma are some of the potential adverse symptoms.


Alcohol and drugs did not contribute to Raucher's death, according to the autopsy findings. The suicide note and any drug paraphernalia were not found, and the police reported that there were no obvious indications of foul play. Besides this, the dog Raucher was keeping an eye on was not injured.

After her passing, her close castmate Jeremy McCaa posted a memorial tribute on Facebook and expressed "feeling broken." McCaa, wrote in a heartfelt message, "She was a beast of a woman that couldn't be tamed and thought outside of the box. I love you Mel."


Who is Melanie Rauscher?

Daniel and Catherine Rauscher's daughter, Melanie Rauscher, was born and raised in Philadelphia. She has three sisters: Rebecca, Alexis, and Jeanette. Rauscher was constantly seeking out new adventures and loved going camping and trekking. She adored all kinds of animals, no matter how big or small and loved being around different flora and fauna. In addition, Rauscher had a strong interest in athletics and sports, and she used to play in local adult leagues. She was an Eagles supporter as well.

In her obituary, Rauscher's loved ones noted that they would always remember her for her contagious laugh. She was a born comedian with unmatched wit. Rauscher was a US Navy veteran. She served on board the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt CVN-17 during the Iraq War. She was currently stationed at the VA hospital in Prescott. In 2017, Rauscher made his television debut in the seventh season of 'Naked and Afraid' on the Discovery Channel. In a later episode of the same show, she made a comeback appearing on Naked and Afraid XL's fourth season the following year.


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