'Married at First Sight': Are Myrla and Gil off to a bad start? Here's what stars disagreed on

While they did have some common ground, the differences between Myrla and Gil are too glaring to ignore

                            'Married at First Sight': Are Myrla and Gil off to a bad start? Here's what stars disagreed on
Myrla and Gil as seen on 'Married at First Sight' (Instagram/ mafslifetime)

When it comes to 'Married at First Sight', it's hard not to pick your favorite couple right off the bat. It's the one you hope will have a happy ending and find love in each other's arms.

Usually, the wedding ceremony itself is very telling about who might make it through, seeing that first impression can often make it or break it. Johnny was smitten by Bao's witty note and gift and Brett was emotional, seeing that her future husband, Ryan, got her mother flowers. But not all couples seemed to be getting along the way they'd hope, and yes -- we're talking about Myrla and Gil.


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'Married at First Sight': Are Myrla and Gil a bad match? Fans say experts are 'full of sh*t'

Fans have been wary about Myrla and Gil right from the get-go, seeing that they are very different people, with only a few things in common. Myrla is not shy about her high-maintenance lifestyle and kept at it, even while getting ready for her wedding, joking that she was in 'Myrzilla' mode. When it finally came to walking down the aisle, Myrla was not thrilled that her husband was bald, seeing that she specifically mentioned she was not into bald men.

She did note that Gil was handsome nonetheless and had kind eyes. Myrla's expensive lifestyle and tastes were mentioned in her description and her vows and Gil's friends seemed genuinely worried. It didn't help that she also seemed displeased that he had a dog, with her immediate question being, "does he slobber?". It didn't help that their vows came to an end with an awkward kiss on the cheek.

However, post the wedding, when the two got a chance to sit down and talk and it seemed like maybe they weren't poles apart. Gil mentioned that he is Colombian and speaks Spanish, as does she. This was a plus point, seeing that both of their mothers only speak Spanish, ensuring no language barrier.

Myrla was excited to know that her husband is Colombian, seeing that she's always wanted to travel to Columbia, with Gil assuring her that they would. The couple even spoke about having kids, which they both want.

However, Myrla did mention that she considered no more than two and it all depends on if she can get her post-pregnancy body back. Gil reassured her yet again, pointing out that he was a personal trainer for 11 years before becoming a firefighter, so fitness wouldn't be an issue. While she does like kids, Myrla is not a fan of the furry kind, which might be another issue, seeing that Gil is a proud dad dog. She was vocal about how she does not like it when dogs shed and even though Gil said that he was a clean freak who was particular about getting rid of fur, Myrla didn't look too convinced.



The couple did bond on just how much they both value helping children and others, seeing that Myrla was a former principal and Gil, a firefighter, which seemed to be their common ground. The spark that they felt might not last too long, seeing that their wedding reception came with fireworks and not the fun kind. In the preview for next week's episode, Gil addresses Myrla's spendthrift ways, and his friends also confront her about being high maintenance, two things that she was not pleased about.

While the couple does seem to have potential, their inability to compromise might be their end. Do you think they will last? Tell us in the comments below!

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