‘What is she selling again?’: Hot realtor Kimberlee is in demand after posting listings on TikTok

‘What is she selling again?’: Hot realtor Kimberlee is in demand after posting listings on TikTok
Kimberlee, a realtor is growing among TikTokers thanks to her incredible looks (selling_htx_with_kimberlee_/Instagram)

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HOUSTON, TEXAS: A realtor has been turning heads with her TikTok posts, and though all are business-related clips, most of her followers are not interested in what she’s selling. Kimberlee, a Houston-based professional video going viral which talks about the latest listings in the area. In her latest video, she can be seen strutting confidently around the luxe property she is offering on rent.

Though most of her offerings are quite attractive, it is actually her looks that are getting all the attention on her TikTok accounts. Fans have flooded the comment section with some interesting questions, while some bluntly admired her looks.


In her Monday clip, February 6, Kimberlee shows a lavish apartment in Memorial City as Snoop Dogg’s ‘Sensual Seduction’ entertains in the backdrop. It also includes a modern fireplace and floor-to-door ceiling windows, but most of the viewers weren’t bothered by what the first-class fixtures were about. One wrote, “What is she selling again?” implying he hadn’t been paying attention to anything other than brunette beauty. “So how much is the car again?” another admirer quipped.


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'Do you come with any of the homes?' gorgeous”

Another TikToker referred to realtor Kimberlee as a ‘goddess’ and a ‘beautiful lady.’ One man remarked that he won’t be allowed to take a look at Kimberlee’s listings, since his wife may not agree given her incredible features. “My wife would never allow me to view,” he complained. One viewer was so enamored by her looks that he asked, “Do you come with any of the homes? You’re gorgeous.” Kimberlee hasn’t indulged with any of the flirtatious comments and kept their queries about her love life at bay.


Another 'influencer' was attacked for being 'obnoxiously beautiful’

In an unrelated story, an ‘influencer’ was allegedly attacked at a crowded New Year’s eve party after she tried to skip a lengthy queue and excused reasoned she was ‘obnoxiously beautiful’ and had ‘70,000 followers.’ According to News Channel 5 Nashville, a TikTok user named @desi.self’ captured the moment when the self-proclaimed influencer, whose identity is not revealed, tried to skip the long line to buy food and drinks at the 14 annual Jack Daniel’s New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash, according to New York Post.

She did not catch the moment when the influencer and her two other friends "cut to almost the front of the line" but she did see another woman confronting the unidentified women, who thought their looks would get them some extra privileges at the event. "[She] went up and said something to them because it was rude and everyone was talking about it, reports MEAWW. The girl who cut started videoing the lady who said something to them and when [the woman] asked her to stop [filming], she didn’t, so [the woman] smacked her phone," the person who shared the video claimed.

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 ‘What is she selling again?’: Hot realtor Kimberlee is in demand after posting listings on TikTok