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'Influencer' gets 'smacked' for cutting in line as she is 'obnoxiously beautiful' and has '70K followers'

In a viral video, the so-called influencer was ridiculed by others who were standing in the queue during Nashville's Big Bash
A self-proclaimed influencer got a taste of her own medicine for trying to skip a queue by claiming she was 'obnoxiously beautiful' and had '70,000 followers' (Desi.Self/TikTok)
A self-proclaimed influencer got a taste of her own medicine for trying to skip a queue by claiming she was 'obnoxiously beautiful' and had '70,000 followers' (Desi.Self/TikTok)

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: An "influencer" was reportedly attacked at a crowded New Year's Eve party after she tried to skip a lengthy queue and excused her behavior by telling bystanders she was "obnoxiously beautiful" and had "70,000 followers."

A TikTok user named @desi.self’ captured the moment when the self-proclaimed influencer, whose identity is not revealed, tried to skip the long line to buy food and drinks at the 14 annual Jack Daniel’s New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash on December 31. The popular New Year bash was attended by more than 210,000 people according to News Channel 5 Nashville.


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The TikTok user said she did not catch the moment when the influencer and her two other friends "cut to almost the front of the line" but she did see another woman confronting the unidentified women, who thought their looks would get them some extra priveledges as the event. "[She] went up and said something to them because it was rude and everyone was talking about it. The girl who cut started videoing the lady who said something to them and when [the woman] asked her to stop [filming], she didn’t, so [the woman] smacked her phone," the person who uploaded the video said.

After receiving an apparently hard hit, the self-proclaimed social media star looked back at the woman, who confronted her while the TikTok user zoomed on her. The young woman appeared shocked after having her phone knocked out of her hands and picked her device back up to continue recording as the woman in line behind her tried to hide her face. “I’m obnoxiously beautiful, you ugly old b***h, you f*****g stank a** b***h. I will beat you the f**k up,” the so-called influencer threatened as bystanders continued recording.

“Yo, bro, she has 70,000 followers on TikTok,” a young man in a cowboy hat said while mocking the influencer. "She said she got 70,000 followers on TikTok," another said laughing. The embarrassed "influencer" then stuck her tongue out at the other woman, grabbed her friend and left. As the three women made their way out, the woman who confronted her yanked hard on the influencer's hair.

The influencer soon got on her feet and threw her beer glass at the woman. After having beer thrown at her face, the woman walks away only to be followed by the influencer. However, nothing comes of it as the TikToker who took the video says, "She chases after the lady but does nothing once she gets to her and the lady just walks off," the person who took the video says.

The hilarious video has garnered more than 103,900 views and hundreds of comments, including one from a woman named Shannon Unck, who claimed she was the attacker, according to the New York Post. “Hi…I’m not that old…. Gawd,” Unck commented on the video.

The 34-year-old had posted videos attending the same New Year's Eve event in Nashville, where she lives. Although it is unclear who the influencer is, many have speculated it is social media enthusiast Lexi, who has 17,000 followers, but she has yet to confirm or deny the allegations.