'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Did Whitney Way Thore expose her breasts on camera? Here's what happened

Whitney Way Thore is very temperamental and this time in a fit of rage she whipped out her bra and flung it away

                            'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Did Whitney Way Thore expose her breasts on camera? Here's what happened
Whitney Way Thore in 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' (TLC)

Whitney Way Thore shockingly bared her breasts on camera on Tuesday (Feb 2) night's episode of 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life'. Whitney has never objected to getting naked before, including the time when she went skinny-dipping with her friends as well as her business partner Ryan Andreas. Whitney has never fully faced the camera while doing so in the past, however, in the upcoming episode of the show, she got very angry, took off her bra and threw it on the ground.

Why did Whitney Way Thore take her bra off?

Buddy Bell opened up to Whitney about feeling depressed yet again. She assured him that she'd take care of him just like he did when she started to experience panic attacks after Chase Severino cheated on her leading to the end of their engagement. Buddy dropped everything to go live with Whitney and keep her sane and she said she would do the same for him. "I will juice your juices. I will wash your clothes," she said.

Buddy Bell and Whitney Way Thore (TLC)

But did she really mean it? Turns out she didn't because the very next day she lashed out at him for being in a mood. Buddy responded saying he never asked her to suck it up when she was in the same position as he was currently. 


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Instead of realizing that she's being too hard on him, Whitney continued to spew anger and didn't want the cameras to catch her reactions so she asked the cameras to be put away for a few minutes. When the crew declined to oblige, Whitney took off the only piece of clothing that was covering her top half, a sports bra and flung it on the floor exposing herself completely. She did so in anger because she was still miked up and the only way she could take it out by herself was by taking her clothes off. 

What is going on with Buddy Bell and Whitney Way Thore?

To drop everything and step up for a friend in need is what these two believe in, at least when it comes to each other. They've been platonic for a very long time, but fans have been wanting them to finally accept their love for each other and move forward in peace. During the previous week's episode, Whitney was seen discussing her dating profiles with Buddy and while choosing a profile photo for one of the websites, both of them end up choosing the same photo.

Whitney Way Thore and Buddy Bell (TLC)

Buddy even said that he would swipe right on her in a heartbeat if he had seen the photo on the portal. The two then engaged in a flirty conversation but it didn't take long for them to digress. 

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