'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Season 9: Live stream, release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the hit reality show

Season 8 highlighted Whitney Way Thore and Buddy Bell's co-dependency on each other, here's what audiences can expect to see in Season 9

                            'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Season 9: Live stream, release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the hit reality show
Whitney Way Thore of 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' (Instagram/Whitney)

'My Big Fat Fabulous Life', the series began as Whitney Way Thore's road to fitness in 2015. Since then the show has deviated from its path and audiences have seen Whitney experience a number of highs and lows including moving out of her house in Greensboro. She moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, to be closer to her date who later turned into her business partner, Ryan Andreas. 

The show also explored her bonds with people close to her, for instance, her relationship with her best friend Buddy Bell. The pair went from BFFs to romantic partners and even though they've slept with each other, they strictly maintain that they are platonic now. Whitney's friends Tal, Todd, Heather and Ashley also make appearances with the rest of her friends. For the past couple of seasons, Chase Severino was also a part of the series. He was introduced to Whitney by Andreas and the two went on to date and become engaged and the messy breakup was also aired in the recently concluded Season 8. The reunion episode aired last week and audiences are left wondering if the show will make a comeback for another stint on TLC. If you're wondering the same, continue reading below to know all about Season 9. 


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Release date

Season 8 of the show just finished airing on the network last week and the creators are yet to comment about the series getting renewed for Season 9. However, Whitney seems to have subtly confirmed that they will be back for Season 9, via an Instagram post. She took to her page after the reunion episode last week and sharing a photo of her friends and herself and wrote, "That’s a wrap on Season 8 of #MyBigFatFabLife! Well, it was a wrap for us in September, but now you’ve seen it too! And in a strange way, even though it was tough, it was still a gift. We all made it through and I am so appreciative of my fam and friends who are always by my side!"


"Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us for the past 8 seasons. We are so thankful for you and I’m wishing EVERYONE who was on tonight’s Skinny the best!" she continued before signing off with "SEE Y’ALL SOON!" 


As for what audiences can expect from Season 9, our best guess is that Whitney might finally get that weight loss surgery she has been talking about. On the romantic front, she's been on a lot of dating applications and a romantic interest or two could be a part of the new season since Chase is out of the picture and so is Buddy. She has been clear about never wanting to date Buddy ever again. Keep checking this article for updates. 



Whitney Way Thore, Buddy Bell, Heather Sykes, Ashley Baynes, Tal Fish and Todd Beasley will all make an appearance if and when the series returns for Season 9. Whitney's parents Barb and Glenn will also return. 



The trailer for Season 9 is not out yet. Keep checking this space for updates.

How to live stream? 

Audiences can live stream 'MBFFL' on Prime Video, Hulu, TLC's website and Discovery+ app the same day as it airs on TLC Network. 


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