Where is Bianca Hayes now? Update on 'My 600-lb Life' star whose food addiction almost killed her

Bianca carried immense guilt about not being able to care for her children the way she wanted to as her weight limited her mobility

                            Where is Bianca Hayes now? Update on 'My 600-lb Life' star whose food addiction almost killed her
Bianca Hayes on 'My 600-lb Life' (TLC)

Who hasn't turned to food for comfort during some stressful or sad moments? For 32-year-old Bianca Hayes food has been her trusty companion ever since she was a child. When her mother was busy drinking, she gave little Bianca some food to keep her quiet so that she could focus on enjoying her drink. Before long Bianca began associating food with comfort and kept eating to feel better about everything. By the age of seven, Bianca was a whopping 200-lbs, as she continued to eat whatever she wanted. 

Unfortunately for Bianca, she was soon diagnosed with high blood pressure and she began feeling conscious about her body and weight. But she continued to eat as she pleased, and sadly her mother didn't put her on any diet or exercise regimen to help her stay healthy. Things just went downhill for Bianca ever since. Her mother got married and Bianca was briefly happy to have her step-father in her life. Her step-father was her mom's drinking buddy, so this meant that Bianca got more and more food, and she kept packing on more pounds to her body. Now, at the age of 32, Bianca weighs 604-lbs and is the mother of two kids. Bianca's biggest fear is that she might die and leave her two little kids motherless. Determined to turn a new page in her life, Bianca turned to Dr. Now for help and appeared on 'My 600-lb Life'. 


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Bianca carried immense guilt about not being able to care for her children the way she wanted to as her weight limited her mobility. Bianca had to rely on her boyfriend/ baby daddy Romonte for help with not only carrying out day-to-day activities around the house but also putting in a major chunk of work in raising their kids and providing for the family. While Romonte acknowledged that his partner was going through a lot in her life, he however described her an 'Arabian Horse stuck in an Elephant's body'. He was unhappy with her inability to help with chores around the house and encouraged her to work towards losing her weight so that she could not only be healthy but also start pulling in her weight in parenting their kids.

Where is Bianca Hayes now?

Bianca and Romonte travelled all the way from their home in Fayetteville, TN, to Houston to meet Dr. Now. During her first weighing, Bianca weighed 604-lbs. While she was relieved that she didn't weight more than she though she weighed, she was however disappointed that she put herself in this situation. She pointed out how her love and addiction to food was slowly killing her. She described it as putting poison in her body. She also revealed that she underwent weight-loss surgery in the past (gastric sleeve surgery), and things were fine for a bit, but after getting pregnant with their second child, Bianca got back to her old habits and gorged on chips and sodas and before she knew it she was once again over-eating and packed on all her lost weight back.

Dr. Now was a bit concerned about putting her through another surgery as her previous one proved to be a failure. He asked her to prove that she was indeed dedicated to her goal by losing 50lbs before their next consultation. Bianca conscious worked on her emotional-eating habit and began watching her portions and also ate clean.She even incorporated exrecising thrice a day into her routine. Since she was working out with her son, she began looking at it as a bonding time rather than a chore, which helped her stay on track. During her next consultation when she was weighed in Binaca managed to lose 48lbs and was now 558llbs. Although she didn't hit the goal Dr. Now set for her, she was still pretty close so the doctor felt a bit optimistic about her progress. 



He booked her for an endoscopy to check if she had any scar tissue damage from her previous surgery before approving her for another surgery. Unfortunately, she did have significant scar tissue damage which meant that Dr. Now had to proceed with caution. He told her that he could do a gastric bypass, but asked her to continue working on maintaining her weight and watching her food addiction. He even suggested she move to Houston so that she could focus on her journey. Just ahead of her move, Romonte and she broke up and this put her under a lot of stress. But instead of resorting to her old habits, she focussed on preparing for her big move. This stress showed up in her next weighing session when it was revealed that she lost only 1lb. 

Dr. Now was concerned about her progress and decided to pause her surgery for the time being and asked to see a therapist so that she could work on her emotional issues and that he would see her again a few months later to determine when they could operate on her. During her next visit, Bianca lost a whopping 49lbs. Dr. Now decided to get her into surgery. During the surgery, he realized that there was a significant amount of scar tissue damage so he changed his plan and decided to just do partial gastric bypass instead of full bypass. He felt that this would help Bianca in her weight-loss journey but emphasized on how the surgery clubbed with therapy would help her further. 

Bianca Hayes after her weight-loss surgery on 'My 600-lb Life' (TLC)


In the update segment, we see Bianca has lost 48lbs since surgery and currently weighs 448llbs. She has lost a total of 156lbs. She got a new job at a grocery store where she bags groceries and has also signed up for water aerobics class to continue her weight-loss journey. Bianca seemed most pleased about the fact that now she was able to be present in her kids' life and spend more time with them. Bianca continues to stay in Houston and work towards her goal of getting healthy for her kids.

'My 600-lb Life' airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on TLC. 

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