'My 600-lb Life': Why did Romonte and Bianca Hayes split? Fans dub him disappointment

'Bianca doesn't need his unsupportive a**. Bye Romonte. #my600lblife,' commented a fan

                            'My 600-lb Life': Why did Romonte and Bianca Hayes split? Fans dub him disappointment
Romonte and Bianca Hayes in 'My 600-lb Life' (TLC)

The recently aired episode of 'My 600-lb Life' featured Bianca's story. Bianca Hayes, a 32-year-old woman for Fayetteville, Tennessee, was scared that her food addiction might cost her life and eventually leave her two little kids motherless. Thanks to her 604-lbs weight, Bianca was already living with the guilt of not being able to be present in her children's life the way she envisioned, so the last thing she wanted for them was to grow up motherless due to her selfish love for food.

Bianca and her boyfriend Romonte turned to Dr. Now on 'My 600-lb Life' for help with losing her weight. In their introduction segment, Bianca explained how her addiction to food developed from an early age. She revealed that whenever her mother drank, she used to give Bianca loads of food to keep her quiet so that she could drink in peace. So, Bianca began turning to food for comfort and this led to her quickly gaining weight. By the age of seven, Bianca was already 200-lbs. Things got worse when she lost her mother, step-father, and father within few years apart. This resulted in Bianca resorting to food heavily for comfort and solace. Now, at 604-lbs Bianca can hardly carry out any of her day-to-day activities. She has to rely heavily on Romonte for help with not just providing for their family but also with household chores and raising their kids. Although Romonte initially seemed very supportive of Bianca's desire to lose weight as it would mean that they could finally share household responsibilities, once Bianca began fcussing on her weight-loss journey things quickly changed between the couple.


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Bianca decided to focus on herself and give her everything to get healthy so that she could be around for her kids. So she made some pretty big changes to her life starting with her diet and including exercise in her routine. As Bianca began to make significant progress in her journey, Dr. Now approved her for weight-loss surgery and asked her to move to Houston for at least a year so that she could focus on herself. Bianca and Romonte began packing and making all the arrangements for their big move, but just a week before their move, the couple got into a huge fight and split up.

In her green room interview, Bianca explained that she never suggested a breakup but Romonte felt that it was in both their best interests to break up and leave her. Later during her therapy session, Bianca shared that the stress of moving got to Romonte and that made him break up with her. She also added that he wasn't entirely sure that she would be able to achieve her goal of losing weight, so he wanted to step away. Thankfully, the breakup didn't deter Bianca from still moving to Houston and focussing on herself. 

She moved to Houston and worked really hard to lose weight. She lost 49lbs since her surgery and currently weighs 448 lbs. She even got a new job in Houston and is currently living her best life with her children, while continuing her weight-loss surgery. After watching Bianca's journey, fans began slamming Romonte for ditching his girlfriend when she needed him the most. A fan tweeted, "Bianca is going to start looking good and Romonte’s dusty yuck mouth a** will be trying to come back around to apologize #my600lblife." Another fan wrote, "Romonte turned out to be a big disappointment. #My600lbLife." "Bianca doesn't need his unsupportive a**. Bye Romonte. #my600lblife," added a fan.




Bianca Hayes and Romonte on 'My 600-lb Life' (TLC)


Another fan shared, "See what I mean about couples. Why didn’t Romonte go if he so wanted to see her lose the weight… because he didn’t want her to lose the weight. #my600lblife." "So now Romonte wants to be mad because she’s finally taking care of herself and trying to get healthy? Mess. #my600lblife," commented a fan. "Of course her boyfriend decided to bail on her but I’m proud that she is still trying #my600lblife," expressed a fan. "I love how positive Bianca is. She seems happier since her boyfriend isn’t in the picture. #my600lblife," pointed out a fan.






'My 600-lb Life' airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on TLC. 

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