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'My 600-lb Life': Where is Isaac Martinez now? Here's how much weight he lost after Dr Now approved his surgery

Isaac Martinez, 23, stuck to Dr. Now's program and made his weight goals and was approved for surgery. Here's an update on his present-day scenario
Isaac Martinez from 'My 600-lb Life's episode titled 'Isaac's Journey' (TLC)
Isaac Martinez from 'My 600-lb Life's episode titled 'Isaac's Journey' (TLC)

Wednesday (February 17) night's episode of 'My 600-lb Life' is one of the most joyous and optimistic episodes. We would go as far as calling this better than the episode featuring the icecream loving Thederick Barnes from the current season. The recent episode is titled 'Isaac's Journey' featuring the 23-year-old Isaac Martinez who weighed a whopping 661 pounds. Even at that size, the episode revealed that Isaac was shouldering the responsibilities of taking care of his cancer-stricken mother and the rest of his family including his father, and three other siblings. 

Isaac had a very promising life ahead of him after graduating high school but he threw it away for his mother who was diagnosed with uterine cancer. His job was now to clean and cook for his family. Food was the only constant in his life and gave him joy and comfort, so Isaac kept eating to a point where he started to feel like a prisoner in his own body. In the trailer, his mom Jayne was heard saying that Isaac wanted to go out but he couldn't because he struggled with his weight a lot. Isaac's wake-up call was a near-death experience that egged him to take charge of his life and that's when he made an appointment with Dr Now. 


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Isaac Martinez from 'My 600-lb Life's episode titled 'Isaac's Journey' (TLC)

How much weight did Isaac Martinez from 'My 600-lb Life' lose with Dr Now on the show?

During his very first appointment at Dr Now's clinic in Houston, Texas, it was discovered that Isaac weighed 661 pounds. Dr Now asked him to drop at least 80 pounds in two months after which he would consider clearing him for surgery. When the time came for Isaac's second appointment at the clinic, his mother Jayne fell terribly sick because of the chemotherapy she was undergoing. Isaac didn't want to leave her in that condition and asked for his appointment to be rescheduled for a month later.

Dr Now obliged but he wanted him to lose 20 more pounds in the extension period. Isaac was just able to drop 40 pounds from the 100 he was supposed to, in order to be cleared for surgery. Isaac had cut all sugary drinks and the unhealthy snacks from his routine but controlling his portions, slacking on exercises because of his other responsibilities, and constantly being around unhealthy food was an issue for him that led to him not losing enough weight. 

Isaac Martinez from 'My 600-lb Life's episode titled 'Isaac's Journey' (TLC)

Isaac was given another two months to drop the rest of the weight but he could only lose 10 pounds during that time and weighed 611 pounds. Dr Now was extremely dejected to see the limited decline in his weight loss and he asked Isaac to stop using his mother's health as an excuse to slack on the program. He then recommended that Isaac receive psychotherapy to help him on his road to recovery. Isaac eagerly took up the offer and it did help him immensely. He returned home with a new wave of hope and the first thing he did was make his way to the music store. 

Isaac had given up on practicing music after his weight gain but he decided to get back to it and told the cameras that he hoped to get a job as a music teacher. Isaac was making all the right moves to get his life back, he was getting out more to exercise as well and at the end of two months, he was back at Dr Now's clinic. He now weighed 577 pounds, meaning he had lost a total of 84 pounds since starting the program. However, Dr Now didn't clear him for surgery even at that point. 

Isaac Martinez from 'My 600-lb Life's episode titled 'Isaac's Journey' (TLC)

It had taken a complete year for Isaac to lose 84 pounds and that according to Dr Now was not as great an achievement. He was proud of Isaac nevertheless and knew that he had it in him to keep at it. This is the reason he started Isaac on the tests and assured him that he'd clear him for surgery if he lost 50 pounds in another two months. 

It was a huge goal but Isaac kept at it and at the final weigh-in, it was found that he had lost 38 out of the 50 pounds he was supposed to lose but nevertheless, Dr Now cleared him for surgery because Isaac had persevered and his stats from the tests they ran were great as well. Isaac had lost 122 pounds in total at the end of the program and his new weight was 539 pounds. 

Did Isaac Martinez from 'My 600-lb Life' get the surgery?

The episode did not reveal if Isaac Martinez underwent the surgery. The episode ended with him at the park reconnecting with his long-lost friend Biancah. After realizing that he had gotten too big during high school, Isaac had stopped talking to all his friends and Biancah was one of those people with who he knew he had to make amends. She was happy to see him and promised to be there for him no matter what the situation. 

Isaac Martinez and Biancah from 'My 600-lb Life's episode titled 'Isaac's Journey' (TLC)

How much weight has Isaac lost after being approved for the surgery?

The episode reveals that Isaac's final weight was 539 pounds and Dr Now had scheduled him for surgery two months from his final appointment. However, Isaac was asked to drop another 30 pounds before coming in for the surgery. Even though the episode didn't reveal if Isaac got the surgery or not his Facebook profile shows that he is thriving. Isaac is 24 years old now, according to his bio which proves that he's kept moving ahead on his musical journey. There are no photos that prove or show how much weight he has lost after the show due to contractual issues but it's still assuring to know that Isaac Martinez who lived most of his life for his family is now living for himself. 

Isaac Martinez from 'My 600-lb Life's episode titled 'Isaac's Journey' (Facebook/Isaac Martinez)

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