'My 600-lb Life': Dr Now doubts Lacey Buckingham's ability to lose weight post-breakup

Breaking up with Ricky certainly seems to have taken an emotional toll on Lacey Buckingham.

                            'My 600-lb Life': Dr Now doubts Lacey Buckingham's ability to lose weight post-breakup
Ricky and Lacey on 'My 600-lb Life' (TLC)

Having a loving and supportive partner can genuinely help a person deal with the darkest phases of their life. It's always comforting to know that you have someone watching out for you and ensuring that you are okay. For the patients on 'My 600-lb Life', this support is highly crucial, as it defines whether they will get healthy.

Due to their weight, these people are often in situations where they can't do much independently and thus rely on those around them. For Lacey Buckingham, this emotional and physical support came in the form of Ricky, her boyfriend. But, unfortunately, their romance seems to have been cut short.


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Although having barely known each other for a few months, Ricky helped Lacey with everything, including cleaning up, seeing that Lacey has not been able to wipe herself over the past seven years and baths 2-3 times a week. Lacey's weight issues began when she was young. Moreover, she had a strained relationship with her parents, especially Eve, who told her she was born due to her IUD getting displaced.

Things only got worse when at age 10, a friend of her asked her to come over to his house to play, where his older brother sexually assaulted her. By age 11, she was 200 pounds, and at 18, she was over 500 pounds. She had even been in three feeder relationships, which made matters worse. However, finding Rick changed a lot for her as he made her feel loved and now, she wanted to get healthier to be able to go out and do more things in general and spend time with him. But, after her first appointment with Dr Now, he felt as though she lacked the motivation and drive to see her progress through.

Lacey Buckingham on 'My 600-lb Life' (TLC)


On returning to Washington, the pair began planning their move to Houston, even though Lacey had not met her target weight loss. Rick, who has epilepsy and is prone to seizures, continued to help Lacey, much to the chagrin of his sister Sharon, who firmly believed that Lacey was using him. Rick soon proposed to Lacey, and this delayed her progress even further. Lacey finally took time to call Dr Now, who was not thrilled to see that she had been hindering her progress by not following up.

While she explained that this was because of her engagement and planning to move, Dr Now reminded her that the move was premature and that her weight loss should come first. Disregarding Dr Now's advice, Lacey and Rick went ahead with their plans. However, Lacey's massive fight with Sharon along the way prompted Rick and her to split after she called the cops on Sharon. The two tried to reconcile, with Rick offering to drop her to Houston and then leave, but Lacey refused, prompting him to leave with all her belongings in tow. He and Sharon even went as far as to donate all of it, leaving Lacey with nothing.

Upon meeting Dr Now, he was shocked on hearing her whole situation, seeing that she was now homeless and without her fiance. While she asked for another chance, he told her she should go back to Washington and focus on her health. However, during his confessional, Dr Now was not convinced that Lacey was taking her journey seriously. He found her whole ordeal somewhat baffling but also acknowledged that these situations were often brought about by her impulsive choices and her own doing. Despite asking her to weigh herself in Washington, waiting for approval and then moving to Houston, Lacey decided otherwise, causing total upheaval of her life

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