Idaho massacre: Why did Murphy the dog NOT bark at the killer? Web sleuths have a cool theory

Idaho massacre: Why did Murphy the dog NOT bark at the killer? Web sleuths have a cool theory
Four University of Idaho students were brutally murdered (Instagram@autumngoncalves and @xanakernodle)

MOSCOW, IDAHO: Four University of Idaho students were found brutally murdered in what authorities describe as a "crime of passion", in the early morning hours of  November 13, 2022. According to the authorities, victims Ethan Chapin, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, were stabbed multiple times with a “large knife” and were left to bleed to death. Now, more details are emerging about the deadly stabbings in the usually peaceful college town. 

Police have revealed that two other housemates were in residence at the time of the killings but were not hurt or kept prisoner. The two surviving women, Bethany Funke and Dylan Mortensen, are both students at the university and friends of the slain victims. They have reportedly been “very cooperative” with investigators. “Potentially they are witnesses, potentially they are victims,” Idaho State Police rep Aaron Snell told ABC News on Thursday, November 17. Besides them, a dog named Murphy was also found unharmed in the house but it is still not clear yet to whom the dog belonged. 


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Many people are wondering why the dog did not bark to sound an alarm during the brutal murders. This also led to the speculation that the criminal might have been a known individual, not only to the dog but also to the victims. Multiple outlets have already reported that there were no signs of forced entry into the house. The responders described the grisly murdered scene as the “worst they’ve ever seen.”


Authorities have not disclosed who made the emergency call and questions have been raised about why there was such a long time gap between when the murders took place and when the alarm was raised and the police called. A user, however, came up with an interesting theory. "I’m wonder since the front door was left open did the dog get outside and one of the neighbors knew the dog lived at that house and that person took the dog back to the house saw door open then looked around and discovered the bloody scene and called 911," the user tweeted. 


One user agreed with the theory and replied, "Actually, you might be right… a neighbor could have found the dog outside & brought it back…finding them, calling 911. Makes sense since I saw another report about it." Other web sleuths have come up with their own theories and facts related to the incident. One tweeted, "No. The roommates in the 1st floor basement woke up late..around noon. But the police refuse to say if they called 911. But the front door was ajar/open. Lots of folks knew the code to the front door keypad. It was a known “party house”. Lots of folks had access. They slept thru." 



Another tweeted, "The Moscow Idaho police department has really mishandled the murder investigation of four University of Idaho students. Students are leaving early for thanks giving break. An air of fear and uncertainty about what’s next permeates the campus. This is a gut punch to the community." Another tweeted, "Americans are morbidly in love with gun violence. There was a shooting at the University of Virginia where three people were murdered and it made the top of r/news. Yesterday's murder of four students at the University of Idaho didn't even make non local news."



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