'Murderville': 5 things you need to know about the Netflix comedy series

'Murderville': 5 things you need to know about the Netflix comedy series
Will Arnett as Terry Seattle in 'Murderville' (Netflix)

The new series 'Murderville' is Netflix's 'Law & order' but without a script. If you're searching for a different kind of murder mystery, then Netflix's new series 'Murderville' is the one to watch in February. With each new episode, a different celebrity guest star will solve a crime. The catch is that the guest star is never given a storyline and must improvise their way through the investigation! With a dash of comedy, intrigue, and a few special celebrity guests, you'll be exploring 'Muderville' in a few days.

But, before we go into further specifics about this new Netflix limited series, you might want to check out similar mysteries like 'Impeachment', 'Law & order', 'You'.



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'Murderville'. Will Arnett as Terry Seattle, Ken Jeong Philip Smithey as Detective Daz Phillips, Haneefah Wood as Chief ( Netflix )


When does 'Murderville' release and where can you watch it?

On February 3, the six-episode procedural criminal comedy will release internationally on Netflix, and viewers may subscribe to Netflix directly through a mobile app store (App Store, Google Play). You can also view it by joining up for a free trial of the site. Aside from that, users may choose from a variety of subscription options offered by the streaming giant.


What is 'Murderville' all about?

According to Netflix's logline, "Meet Senior Detective Terry Seattle (Will Arnett), Homicide Division. Every day brings a whole new murder case for Terry, as well as a new famous guest star as his companion. But there's a catch: the script for each episode's guest star isn't given to them. They are completely unaware of what is about to unfold to them. Terry Seattle and the guest star will have to improvise their way through the investigation altogether... However, each celebrity guest will be responsible for identifying the assailant on their own. Join them as they go to Murderville on a one-way ticket."


Who stars on 'Murderville'?

Will Arnett

Detective Terry Seattle is played by Emmy winner Will Arnett. Arnett has a long history with Netflix. From 'BoJack Horseman' to 'Arrested Development', the actor and comic understands how to make an audience laugh, even if their stomach hurts.

Sharon Stone

'Murderville'. Will Arnett as Terry Seattle, Sharon Stone as Guest (Netflix)


She'll play one of the special guests who will assist detective Terry in unraveling the hospital murder case, complete with a bulletproof vest, all-black suit, and leather trousers. The actress is making a great presence on the streaming series, she recently signed on to play a key part in HBO's 'The Flight Attendant's second season.

Who are the showrunners?

The series executive producers are Will Arnett, Marc Forman, Jonathan Stern, Peter Principato, and Brian Steinberg. Krister Johnson is the showrunner as well as the writer. ElectricAve, Abominable Pictures, Artists First, and Sony Pictures Television were in charge of the show's production.



Watch the trailer of 'Murderville' below:




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