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Mother of terminally-ill kid gets abusive note for parking in disabled bay: 'Lazy conning b***h'

Emma Doherty posted on Facebook about her ordeal, saying, 'not all disabilities are visible,' adding that her son 'Bobby’s disabled pass is not a con, he is seriously ill'
UPDATED JUN 23, 2021
Photo of the note, and Emma Doherty with her son (Facebook)
Photo of the note, and Emma Doherty with her son (Facebook)

A mother of a terminally ill child was left devastated when she found an abusive note on her car after parking it in a disabled bay. According to reports, Emma Doherty took her three-year-old son Bobby Baldwin, who was born with three holes in his heart, to Alder Hey Children’s hospital in Liverpool, UK when the incident happened. Bobby Baldwin has had a total of 15 surgeries since birth, which includes three open-heart surgeries, two stomach, lung, and diaphragm surgeries. Due to his medical condition, Brown could not walk for long. He uses a wheelchair most of the time.

When Doherty returned to her car -- that had a blue disabled badge -- after the doctor checked her son, she found a note that read, “You lazy conning bitch. You did not have a disabled person with you! These spaces are reserved for people who need them!” The mother, who is from Wigan, said this was the first time she experienced something like that. She stated, “We were visiting the hospital as usual. When we found the note, I couldn’t believe it. It’s such a cowardly thing to do. They must have seen the badge and still decided to put the note on.”


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She continued that “not all disabilities are visible,” before adding, “Bobby’s disabled pass is not a con, he is seriously ill. People often look at us funny as we leave the car but this is the first time someone has actually left anything. Everyone needs to stop and think before acting, I hardly ever let anything upset me but this did.”

Doherty also went on social media to share her experience and in return reportedly got a lot of support. She said, “The thing which has shocked me most is the amount of messages I have had from people who have been through something similar.”

“My inbox is full of people who have told me they have been stared at or even spat at. This is a serious problem and I just want it to change. I am hoping by sharing what I went through people will start to think before acting,”  Doherty noted and said thanks to the staff at the children’s hospital. “The staff at reception and in the hospital were so brilliant. I got upset after finding the note and they really helped. I couldn’t thank them enough,” she said.

In another incident, which involved a dying mother, caused an uproar after her son’s school refused her request to take him on a holiday with her. The school in question was Stanton Middle School in Buckinghamshire, UK, which reportedly believed that Angela Rose’s condition was not an “exceptional” one because of that her eight-year-old son Carlo had to miss school during term time.

Rose was suffering from breast cancer that spread to her bones and brain in a very short time. She was told by her doctors that she won’t be able to live for longer. “I asked how long I had and they said between one and two years. I’ve already had more than a year and every moment with my children is precious now,” the 36-year-old had said. So, she decided to go on a holiday with her child but was denied permission to do so initially.

But after people got to know about this and showed their anger, the child’s school changed its decision and said, “Although we knew Ms Kokas had health issues we did not realize the full extent of them. We should have checked further – we didn’t, and we’re very sorry. In the light of this, we will, of course, grant this leave of absence, outside of normal school holiday time.”