People with disabilities share their sexiest photos as Andrew Gurza's #disabledpeoplearehot goes viral

People with disabilities share their sexiest photos as Andrew Gurza's #disabledpeoplearehot goes viral

An emotionally uplifting hashtag has been created with the sole purpose of celebrating the beauty of people who have disabilities. The hashtag almost instantly went viral on social media with hundreds of people with disabilities across all platforms posting their favorite and sexiest photos along with their empowering messages about why they decided to post the picture. #disabledpeoplearehot was created on February 17 by Andrew Gurza, who is a disability awareness consultant.

Gurza's own disability of cerebral palsy has not stopped him from receiving his MA of Legal Studies from Carleton University to better advocate for people with disabilities using the law. According to his website, Gurza has been "invited to speak on topics such as traveling while disabled, being disabled in the healthcare system, disability in the arts and disability employment".

Since he posted the first image on Twitter on February 17, the hashtag has gone viral and has received thousands of photos from people with disabilities around the world.



Many users with disabilities who shared their photos and selfies also shared emotional messages about why they made the decision to put their sexiest pics online for the world to see. @letsflyfree wrote: "Story time: I avoid all kinds of photos that include my disability because I don't see myself that way. It's taken me a looong time to accept that I look pretty good — with or without my arm in photos #DisabledPeopleAreHot."

@kannchy added: "According to ableists: I can’t look nice + be disabled. LOL. They’ll see me in my parking spot, point at my face, then to my placard & shake their finger... and that’s just 1 example of this."  @girlryann2 wrote: "In case you missed the memo, #disabledpeoplearehot. Don’t doubt me because my body doesn’t look or act like yours."



Eileen Davidson, a single mother who has chronic arthritis, posted an image of herself holding her disabled parking permit, saying: "I thought I was too young to get it [arthritis], till I learned children can too. I thought it was just joint pain, but after 4 years I know it is so much more than just joint pain."

@thegaycousin shared: "I'm in serious pain most of the time and have a permanent limp, but I still have a love of fashion and self expression! Disabled and attractive are not mutual exclusive - all bodies are beautiful, even if they aren't what you consider normal."



Many of the users who posted their photos for the movement stressed that disabilities aren't always visible. @HaleyRenee1999 wrote: "As someone with bipolar disorder (a mental illness that is considered a disability) I’m so glad the #DisabledPeopleAreHot tag is going around. Y’all are beautiful."

The hashtag is still continuing to grow on social media.

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