Terminally-ill man visits wife, 85, who suffers from dementia one last time to fulfill his dying wish

Terminally-ill man visits wife, 85, who suffers from dementia one last time to fulfill his dying wish

A terminally-ill man was granted his dying wish to see his wife of 60 years for one last time. Derek Oliver, 84, would often visit his wife Eirwen, 85 at her care home in Pentre, Rhondda Cynon Taff, South Wales. 

However, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the beginning of this year and was bedridden and unable to meet his wife. The couple's son, David, has been trying to get a private ambulance to take his father to meet Eirwen for one last time. Unfortunately, no private company had the resources required to take Oliver to the care home. Oliver then reached out to the Ambulance Wish Foundation UK which helps fulfill the wishes of terminally ill people. 

Oliver was then able to travel to London to make his final wish come true. The married pair had not been able to see one another for around six months. Oliver told BBC, "When you have been together that long you miss her all the time. We've been together so long haven't we." Over the six months that they were apart, the couple would constantly ask family members and carers when they would be able to see each other again even though they were only ten minutes away from each other, according to WalesOnline. 

During the couple's emotional reunion, Oliver asked his wife if she missed him to which she responded saying "yes". Oliver shared with reporters, "I have thought about it every day. I have wanted this for months and months. I used to be there every day from three until half-past six. When you are married that long you miss them when they go out of the house. At the end of January, I walked out and as I was leaving her I said, 'I'll see you tomorrow'. I haven't seen her since." 

The couple got married in September 1962 and were rarely apart from each other. A video of the couple's reunion was shared on Facebook and brought tears to everyone's eyes. One Facebook user shared, "I'm heartbroken for this couple I can never imagine having to be parted while you're still alive. They should be together." Another added, "Fantastic, thank you so much for helping this lovely, devoted couple." 


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 Terminally ill man granted dying wish leave hospital see wife 60 years who suffers from dementia