K9 dog 'accused' of stealing fellow officer’s lunch has 'arrest mugshot' released by Michigan police

K9 dog 'accused' of stealing fellow officer’s lunch has 'arrest  mugshot' released by Michigan police
Ice received a specially made lunch from the local Italian deli as a treat after his arrest mugshot went viral (Wyandotte Police Department - Michigan)

WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN: An unusual 'crime' took place at a Michigan police department which had most people in stitches. It was the case of the canine 'lunch burglar'. What is more this canine was a K-9 officer. Rules are meant to be broken and this police K9 dog did just that. The police dog, who is known as "Officer Ice" was accused of stealing a fellow officer’s lunch on January 10. The Wyandotte, Michigan Police Department (WPD) released a classic 'arrest mugshot' of the pooch for its immoral thievery.


It is said that while the officer was called to assist someone in the WPD jail, Ice stole his coworker’s food, which was left unattended. According to a jokey press release from the WPD Facebook page, the police officer found Ice “strolling out of the room licking his chops,” and found that his lunch had disappeared after returning from call. “Stealing is not only a crime but it is morally wrong too,” the release read. "It saddens me to report that a current officer of the Wyandotte Police Department is under investigation for stealing!”


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The police department joked that Ice “invoked his fifth amendment right to remain silent and quite frankly is not cooperating with the investigation.” The post has since gone viral and got 8k likes and nearly 5k comments. In a later update on Wednesday, January 18, the department stated that Lunch Wyandott which is a local Italian deli, made a special lunch for Ice. “Dozens of attorneys have offered to defend Ofc Ice pro- 🦴- o!” the department cracked, adding that the public threatened “massive protests” if they moved “forward with [their] investigation and/or charges.”



Facebook users were also ecstatic with the department’s decision to drop the charges. “Happy to hear this good news! Enjoy your special treat Officer Ice,” one user commented. "Thank goodness no chargers for Ice", wrote another. 

MEAWW previously reported that a Florida K-9 gave an accused car thief a taste of its jaws when the K-9 caught him by biting his backside after a police chase in August last year. At the location, Batts found their suspect, later identified as 29-year-old Matthew Gebert, trying to flee the scene but he failed miserably as Batts’ K-9 partner, Jax, took him down after a short pursuit, grabbing hold of the suspect’s rear end and holding him on the ground, a bodycam footage showed.

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