'Moving For Love': Dan decides to move in for the sake of Nikita and her desires

Episode 3 of the HGTV's show 'Moving For Love' revolves around Dan and Nikita

                            'Moving For Love': Dan decides to move in for the sake of Nikita and her desires
Dan and Nikita in 'Moving For Love' (HGTV)

All the real estate fans always love to watch HGTV shows. Of course, the channel is top-rated for home renovating and home touring shows. But this time, the channel is featuring different couples who move into different locations together for enjoying their love life.

Episode 3 of the 'Moving For Love' revolves around Dan and Nikita, who have been living in a long-distance relationship for a long time after meeting on an online dating app. Before making their big move and shifting their geographical location, the couple considers many things like their budget, dream house with all the facilities, professional and social life. Nikita, however, remains more concerned about her parents, friends, and favorite location. Dan, on his part, even tries to convince Nikita, but all his efforts go in vain.


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The couple tours many beautiful houses for choosing the perfect place to start their life together. While many factors are considered while moving to a different location, Nikita was particularly concerned about her well-settled work life in New York and her parents living in the same city. She also doesn't want to leave her friends behind. Although Dan had the same reasons, he was in favor to live in St Louis because it was costing them less with all the facilities they were wishing to have in their house. He eventually agreed to move into NewY

Nikita and her parents lauded Dan's decision as that would mean that they could move into their favorite place together. However, as soon as the episode ended, fans took their social media handles and started sharing their opinion on Dan's decision. One fan wrote, "St Louis dude need to run #movingforlove." Another fan supported the tweet by saying, "He definitely does! Neither should have continued this relationship in the first place! New York vs St. Louis, too different and they are from different cultures! American women will move in a minute if husband has a better job, and they aren't even married!"



A fan commented, "This one is a tough choice, considering the locations and expenses. NYC is more exciting but St. Louis is much less expensive and still a vibrant city. #MovingForLove."


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