'Mortal Kombat' Full Cast List: Meet Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee and rest of the stars of HBO Max's action reboot

'Mortal Kombat' gets a fresh new look with its young stars

                            'Mortal Kombat' Full Cast List: Meet Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee and rest of the stars of HBO Max's action reboot
Lewis Tan and Jessica McNamee star in 'Mortal Kombat' (Getty Images)

Fans can hardly contain their excitement around the release of the reboot of 'Mortal Kombat', releasing on April 16. It seems that for the stars as well it's an exciting time since this is perhaps the biggest most visible role the young stars have taken on. Lewis Tan will play a new character that has been introduced called Cole Young and Tan has been excited about performing all his own stunts on set.

In 'Mortal Kombat', MMA fighter Cole Young played by Lewis Tan goes in search of Sonya Blade played by Jessica McNamee to understand the meaning of the strange dragon mark he bears. He finds himself at the temple of Lord Raiden where he trains with experienced warriors. Let's now introduce you to the cast of the highly-anticipated reboot.


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Lewis Tan as Cole Young

Lewis Tan is a half Chinese half English, film, television and theatre actor. His heritage makes it seem like he was literally born for this role. His mother is a fashion model Joanne Cassidy and his father is champion martial artist Philip Tan. His father has worked on films such as 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom', 'Batman' and 'Tango and Cash'. Not surprisingly, Lewis Tan picked up skills from his father which later in his professional life got him noticed. Lewis is known for performing his own action scenes and got the attention of  Al Gough and Miles Milar of AMC's 'Into the Badlands', securing him a lead role in Season 3 of the show.

Lewis Tan (Getty Images)

In 2018, Lewis Tan began filming a lead role in Netflix's Asian American action series 'Wu Assassins' alongside Kathryn Winnick and Iko Uwais. He plays the flamboyant gangster Lu Xin Lee. The show premiered to great reviews both with fans and critics.

Jessica McNamee as Sonya Blade

Jessica McNamee is an Australian actress best known for 'The Meg', 'Battle of the Sexes' and 'The Vow'. In 'The Meg', she played Lori, the ex-wife of Jonas Taylor played by Jason Statham. She plays the character of Sonya Blade in 'Mortal Kombat'. Sonya is a commanding officer of the United States Special Forces and her main goal  is to pursue and capture the villain, Kano.

Jessica McNamee(Getty Images)

Josh Lawson as Kano

Another Australian actor is part of the cast. Josh Lawson who is best known for his role as Doug Gugghenheim in the Showtime sitcom 'House of Lies' plays Kano in 'Mortal Kombat'. Kano is one of the series' original characters, having made his debut in the first 'Mortal Kombat' in 1992. Kano is a calculating Australian mercenary and member of the international crime cartel known as the Black Dragon.

Josh Lawson (Getty Images)

Tadanobu Asano as Raiden

Tadanobu Asano is a Japanese Actor and Musician. His first critical success in the West was in Hirokazu Koreeda's 'Maborosi'. His best-known works internationally are the samurai films 'Taboo' and 'The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi'.

Tadanobu Asano (Getty Images)

Who are the other stars?

The other stars of ' Mortal Kombat' include Mehcad Brooks as Jackson "Jax" Briggs, Ludi Lin as Liu Kang, Chin Han as Shang Tsung, Joe Taslim as Bi-Han / Sub-Zero.


'Mortal Kombat' has been directed by Simon McQuoid. This is his directorial debut. The screenplay is by Greg Russo and Dave Callaham. It is based on the video game franchise of the same name created by Ed Boon and John Tobias, serving as a reboot to the 'Mortal Kombat' film series.


The trailer of 'Mortal Kombat' will release on February 18. Watch this space for more.

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