'Mortal Kombat': Live stream, release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about HBO Max's action remake

'Mortal Kombat' gets a new character Cole Young played by Lewis Tan

                            'Mortal Kombat': Live stream, release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about HBO Max's action remake
Lewis Tan will play Cole Young, the new character introduced in the 'Mortal Kombat' reboot

'The Mortal Kombat' reboot already seems to be one of the year's most exciting releases. After all, there is plenty of nostalgia surrounding Paul WS Anderson's 1995 original.

We will all have a much better idea of just how the reboot will stack up to the original when the trailer hits on Thursday, February 18. To tease fans just a little further a new motion poster was also launched which features Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero.




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Release date

The Mortal Kombat movie will arrive on HBO Max and in theaters on April 16, 2021. Prior to the pandemic, 'Mortal Kombat' was slated to open on January 15, 2021.


Mortal Kombat will see a new character called Cole Young, an MMA fighter who is off his game. In a very dramatic fashion, he bears a birthmark in the shape of the 'Mortal Kombat' symbol on his chest. He, however, is unaware of his lineage or why he is being hunted down by Sub-Zero of the Lin-Kuei Clan. Concerned for the safety of his family, Cole Young seeks out a clique of fighters.

Lewis Tan, who plays Cole Young, says about his role, "When we first meet Cole, he's in a really bad spot. He's down on his luck. He's kind of a washed-up MMA fighter who used to be a champion, who used to believe in himself, who used to have a lot of hope in his career. And it's all gone down the drain. It's a very interesting place for a hero to start, and I think that, along the journey of Mortal Kombat and Cole discovering where he comes from, you're introduced to all these other iconic characters and elements that everybody loves so dearly."


Lewis Tan

Lewis Tan is a  British actor, model and martial artist. He is known for his roles as Zhou Cheng in Netflix's 'Iron Fist', Gaius Chau in the AMC series 'Into the Badlands', Lu Xin Lee in Netflix's 'Wu Assassins' and Shatterstar in 'Deadpool 2'. Tan, who has done all his own stunts in the film, talks about all the action that can be expected. "There are some crazy fatalities. We've picked a couple of iconic ones. There's a lot of really cool signature moves that you'll see, a lot of Easter eggs that we snuck into the film, but there are some really badass fatalities that I can't wait to see on the big screen. They're brutal, man. They, they don't hold back," he said.

Lewis Tan will star in 'Mortal Kombat' (Getty Images)


Jessica McNamee

This is a breakout role for Australian actress Jessica McNamee. McNamee is best known for her roles in television shows such as 'Home and Away' and 'Packed to the Rafters'. From 2014 to 2015, she starred as patrol officer Theresa Kelly in the USA Network series 'Sirens'. Jessica's film roles include 'The Vow' and 'Chips'. She has also portrayed tennis player Margaret Court in 'Battle of the Sexes'.

Jessica McNamee stars in 'Mortal Kombat' (Getty Images)



'Mortal Kombat' has been created by debut director Simon McQuoid. The screenplay is written by Greg Russo and Dave Callaham. It's based on the video game franchise of the same name.

Where to watch 

The 'Mortal Kombat' movie will arrive on HBO Max and in theaters on April 16, 2021.


 The trailer for 'Mortal Kombat' will hit on February 18, 12 pm ET/ 9 am PT.

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