Netflix's 'Wu Assassins' is the perfect show for all supernatural martial arts-drama fans

Netflix's 'Wu Assassins' is the perfect show for all supernatural martial arts-drama fans

Netflix’s 'Wu Assassins' has been on our radar for a while now. Chinese mythology, martial arts, and supernatural crime? Where do we sign up? Helmed by showrunner John Wirth, who is also the brains behind 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' and 'Hell on Wheels', the Netflix series promises to be way different from anything we have seen on Netflix.

Described as a "martial arts drama" set in modern-day San Francisco’s Chinatown, 'Wu Assassins' narrates the story of a young chef who discovers some pretty cool secrets that promise to take him on a journey to greatness and unfortunately, violence. The action-packed series will see him learning that he is a "Wu Assassin" who was chosen to tread a great and violent journey that will culminate in him rounding up the powers of an ancient triad

Benson sisters Julie and Shawna, who are writers on the Netflix show, revealed that Iko Uwais, the Indonesian actor who plays the protagonist Kai Jin, brought in his stunt team, and choreographed all the fight sequences.

"You have no idea. We would watch and be like maybe we just shouldn’t write anything and just let you do your [flipy flip things]," they told SYFY Wire during an interview.



Barring the “two white faces” on the show, the cast is filled with Asian or Asian-American actors, they reveal, adding how it was one of the most diverse shows they have ever been a part of. One of the said white faces is that of Scottish actor Tommy Flanagan, who is possibly best known for his role as Filip "Chibs" Telford on FX’s ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

Flanagan’s Alec McCollough is described as "an international crime boss with a mysterious interest in San Francisco’s Chinatown." The actor, during his 2019 Toronto ComiCon Q&A panel also accidentally let it slip that we first meet his character in the highlands of Scotland and that he is 500 years old.

With an incredible cast, spectacular stunts and intriguing plot, 'Wu Assassins' is proving to be one of the most anticipated Netflix projects, and we can’t wait for an official premiere date to be assigned. However, we have been tipped off that we can expect an August release.

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