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'Moon Knight' Episode 3: Who is Jake Lockley, Marc Spector's third identity?

The working theory is that Marvel may have teased a third and deadly avatar in Jake Lockley
UPDATED APR 13, 2022
Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector in a still from 'Moon Knight' (Disney+)
Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector in a still from 'Moon Knight' (Disney+)

'Moon Knight' Episode 3 drops a major clue about Marc Spector's (Oscar Isaac) third identity. Jake Lockley is one of the avatars from the comics and the episode 'The Friendly Type' teases the potential appearance of the third alter. Episodes 1 and 2 pretty much focused on Steven Grant, a mild-mannered employee who works at a museum gift shop. He's a geek when it comes to ancient Egyptian mythology. Over the course of the episodes, it is revealed that he often loses control of his body to Marc Spector (played by Isaac again), a former mercenary and the current avatar of Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. 

The tease regarding Spector's third identity comes at the end of an action scene in Moon Knight episode 3. While he spends a major part of the chapter chasing down some of Arthur Harrow's (Ethan Hawke's) followers. Steven disrupts the fighting by momentarily taking control. After catching back up to Harrow's followers, Steven's continued intervening results in Marc getting whacked unconscious. However, when he wakes up, he finds himself covered in blood and when he questions Steven about what he's done, the latter denies the act.


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While it is evident that Spector can actually get violent and kill people if necessary in Khonshu's name, the fact that he brutally killed people doesn't exactly match the description of whatever we have known about him from the two episodes. With both avatars confused about how the act was committed, the working theory is that Marvel may have teased a third and deadly avatar in Jake Lockley. 

Based on the original comics, Moon Knight's secret third alter could be the MCU's take on Jake Lockley. He is the second most prominent alter of Spector in the comics. Lockley is portrayed as a tough cabbie in New York. It was meant to act as the character's detective side. Through his work as a cab driver, he builds sources. Since the MCU has already introduced Steven Grant and Marc Spector, it makes sense that the next alter is Lockley. Although the only tease that Marvel has provided is that Lockley is a rather violent avatar, there could be some changes in the way the show portrays the character.

What are your thoughts on Jake Lockley making an appearance?

Episodes 1-3 of 'Moon Knight' are available for streaming on Disney+.