Why is Monsta X's Shownu the only idol in military who isn't active on social media?

A lot of idols stay in touch with fans even while in military like EXO, SHINee, DAY6 members

                            Why is Monsta X's Shownu the only idol in military who isn't active on social media?
Shownu is working as a social worker for his alternate military service (@OfficialMonstaX/Twitter)

With Shownu being the first Monsta X member to enlist for his mandatory military service last year in July, he went all out to make sure his fans and group wouldn’t miss him. The group leader pre-recorded several vlogs and birthday messages for his members. For the first three members whose birthdays were close to his enlistment date, he even made birthday meals. For Hyungwon and I.M’s birthday which is in mid-January, Shownu asked the staff to cook a birthday meal of spicy chicken ramen and steak with his recipe. But unlike most idols, he isn’t active on social media.

Even though all healthy South Korean males till the age of 30 have to enlist in mandatory military service, they do get some privileges like vacations, phone and internet time. We often have had idols like KARD’s J.seph, SHINee, EXO, DAY6 and Infinite members coming online and updating fans on social media like Instagram, Twitter and FanCafe. Monbebes (Monsta X’s fandom) thought Shownu would do the same, especially since he is in alternate military service as a social worker.

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Why isn’t Shownu online

Unfortunately, Monsta X fans just might have to wait till early 2023 when he gets discharged to see him come online on his social media accounts. On January 19, Hyungwon and I.M had a birthday VLive where they cleared the confusion. I.M explained, “I think Shownu must be feeling it's very unfair. As you know, he's currently serving his military duties but he also feels very frustrated that he is unable to communicate and he is aware that many Monbebe are asking why isn't he coming [online]. But the thing is that Shownu also wishes that he can communicate with them. 



I.M added, "It's not that he doesn't want to but the restrictions vary across every period - some allow [social media] and others don't and the place where Shownu is working doesn't want him [to go online], so he can't do so.” He asked fans not to misunderstand Shownu and on the contrary, he missed the fans the most and wanted to talk to them. Hyungwon elaborated that his leader's situation was more complicated than expected.

'I miss him terribly'

Fans were touched as one Monbebe tweeted, “Shownu is such a precious person, I miss him terribly.” Another added, “Oh my god Shownu, we miss you so much but we will ALWAYS wait for you.” One fan shared, “I love writing to Shownu. I don't do it expecting him to respond or post on SNS. I do it in the hopes it makes him smile IF he has the chance to read it. I HOPE that MBB understand and are not being rude that he isn't posting. Enjoy the content he did create for us before he left.”