'Not very amusing': Woman's CHILLING prank on future owners of home for sale divides Internet

'Not very amusing': Woman's CHILLING prank on future owners of home for sale divides Internet
The skeleton was hidden in the kitchen cabinet (The Reno Club/Facebook)

Using her freshly constructed kitchen island bench as a skeleton hiding place, a mother displayed her grim sense of humor. The mother-of-two joked on social media that the lifelike skeleton would frighten future homeowners who restore the house and uploaded pictures of the skeleton squatting in the vacant area.
She wrote in the post, "50 years from today, someone will tear out this kitchen and this cabinet will get the whole neighborhood on their feet. I wish I could travel in time to see the face expression of that poor guy that will pull the countertop off of that cabinet. "



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The mother gave her corpse a red pen and outfitted him with a tradie t-shirt, cargo trousers, and a cap. Many house remodelers considered it to be humorous, whereas others felt the mother didn't take the prank that far.
One user commented, "Have him holding a note and tell them they were isolating during a COVID bout. Then they can have a history lesson as well. " A second stated that the skeleton ought to be carrying a positive RAT test and using a protective mask.
Some claimed that the prank was just plain disgusting. A user said, "I think you'll give them a heart attack and surviving that, a bloody good laugh."
The mother's decision to leave any empty area on the island bench baffled several of the remaining people. "Why is it an empty space and not storage? The skeleton is taking up valuable real estate. Seriously, one can never have enough storage," one of the comments said.
One woman claimed to have been in charge of a refurbishment in which a child's casket had been discovered. Her assistant placed the coffin on her table for her to open. "No way was I going to open it! I would have resigned first. Turned out it was a prankster with the same sense of humor as these guys doing something similar to this. It was a time capsule. Not very amusing at the time, but made for a good story after the event," said the woman.
She said she feels sorry for those who discover the skeleton: "I didn't take too much notice of the actual contents as I was too shaken from the experience. I was traumatized. "
Others disagreed, saying that the woman's prediction of fifty years for renovations was excessive and that it would likely be updated in ten.


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