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‘Your responsibility!’: Mom of autistic son slammed for note warning of damage by ‘impulsive’ child to parked cars

The mother said her child suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and is, therefore 'destructive'
A man said his wife received the note telling her not to park near their neighbor's apartment unless she was 'willing to accept damage' to her car (Reddit)
A man said his wife received the note telling her not to park near their neighbor's apartment unless she was 'willing to accept damage' to her car (Reddit)

The mother of an autistic boy left a note on the windshield of her neighbor's car, a picture of which went viral on Reddit. A picture of the letter was posted with the caption, 'Letter on my wife's windscreen this morning'. The letter has shocked Reddit users.

The local parent said in the note that she wanted to warn drivers who choose to park their vehicles outside her house of potential damage to the car. "Please note our son is impulsive and destructive," she wrote in the windscreen note. "Since moving in, he has drawn on my car with texta, thrown a few rocks across the front of complex and it a car was parked where this one is it would [have] smashed a window."


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"He has also thrown numerous items from our balcony," she added. "I know that I have been very vocal about cars parking out the front here and this is a huge factor. I, as a parent of a ADHD/ASD child, I can only pre-empt so much. Please only park here if you’re willing to accept damage to your car."

Image: Reditt
A man said his wife received a note telling her not to park near their neighbor's apartment unless she was 'willing to accept damage' to her car (Reddit)

In a Reddit thread, users have slammed the mom who wrote the note, claiming it is more important to change the child's behavior. "Yeah everyone knows who’s been yelling at the neighbors about where to park a car and who’s child has been throwing things and destroying property. I’d keep this as evidence the parent has no intention of changing behavior," one user wrote. "Damn they just admitted in writing that they are aware their child can harm people/damage belongings," another said. One user wrote, "Where I am, this would probably get taken to the local equivalent of CPS immediately. They tend to equate a child being dangerous with a child being in danger. And tend to have a rather short fuse when it comes to taking bul***** from parents."

"Or idk…not let that kid have access to rocks or other potentially dangerous objects? Keep the balcony locked and any other windows this kid has access to?" said one user, while another wrote, "But that would inconvenience THEM. They feel that everyone else should inconvenience themselves so they don’t have to bother supervising or parenting their child." "A parent is responsible for the damages caused by their children, warning or not. Your inability to control your child does not give you the right to claim a public parking spot as yours/unusable. If you can't control your child, you shouldn't be raising that child. Is that harsh? Maybe. You know what else is harsh? Blaming others for damage to their car because they chose that (perfectly normal) parking spot, dismissing the fact that you know your own child caused that damage because you can't control them," wrote one user. 

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