Single mom carries disabled son on her back for 'life of adventure' traveling the world

Single mom carries disabled son on her back for 'life of adventure' traveling the world
Nikki and her son Jimmy travel the world together (

The story of this mother-son duo is quite unique and inspirational. Jimmy Antram, 26, has seen a lot of the world, thanks to his mother Nikki, who promised that he would live a life of adventure. So Nikki carries her son on her back and has already travelled to beautiful spots like Hawaii and Bali. 

Jimmy was born with mental and physical disabilities and needs Nikki to take care of him around the clock. He was also blind and there wasn't much that Jimmy could to do help himself without assistance. Jimmy was born to Nikki when she was only seventeen years old. In spite of the challenges and difficulties that come with being a teen mom, Nikki made a promise to Jimmy saying that he would live a life of adventure, and so he has. Nikki has spent months and years traveling across various places with Jimmy on her shoulders. 

Jimmy was born with mental and physical disabilities and needs Nikki to take care of him around the clock (


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Due to his physical disabilities, Jimmy was given a wheelchair. However, Nikki Antram never liked to use this wheelchair to carry her son. She says that as long as she is physically able, she will continue to carry him so Jimmy does not have to use his wheelchhair. Nikki also helps him walk short distances sometimes. 

Nikki makes her holiday and travel plans very carefully. She plans a well put-together itinerary and meticulously follows the day-by-day schedule. She also makes sure that she has all the necessities packed and then, they are good to go. She even calls every venue she wants to visit before she gets there. "Even if I know we will be okay I like to inform the companies to give them a heads up about us to make sure they understand and are okay with having us there," she told DailyMail Australia. She said that she does this because sometimes venues are unable to accommodate them due to Jimmy's physical and mental conditions. She also talked about her experiences in Hawaii where everyone was very happy and welcomed Jimmy to join them. "I have worked out how to piggyback Jimmy while pulling my suitcase and carry on through an airport until they give me a wheelchair we use until we board the plane," she said, referring to her Hawaii trip. 

Nikki and Jimmy in Hawaii (

Nikki Antram also talked about the similarities she and Jimmy share and the things they enjoy the most. Nikki and Jimmy both seem to enjoy the outdoors a lot, and they are a fan of water and adventures. She also mentioned how she and Jimmy stayed out for nights in Hawaii and Bali because they were both party animals at the time. "I will with Jimmy find ways to get him the best and most adventurous life, and most of the time, it's the simplest things that he loves the most," she added. 

Jimmy and Nikki live in Sunshine Coast which is a little place in Queensland. On days when they are not traveling far, the duo wakes up in the morning and goes for a bike ride with Jimmy in the bike's trailer. They are admired by people all around them and they always wave to the people they pass on their morning ride. Nikki also makes breakfast, dresses Jimmy, and does all the housework before they go biking. Nikki admits that her daily routine can be quite exhausting but it doesn't really bother her because she wants to give Jimmy the best life that she can. 

Nikki doesn't like using Jimmy's wheelchair ( 

Nikki Antram had been planning a trip to Canada when Covid struck and their plans had to be canceled. The duo have already toured Hawaii, Bali, and various other exotic locations and they do not intend to stop. Now that the pandemic has gotten in the way, Nikki plans on exploring Australia instead of remote destinations. She is currently saving to buy a troop carrier which she wants to fit out with travel gear so that she can travel through Australia. She admits it's a little difficult since a single carer's pension is not enough for all these luxuries. Nikki's job allows her to pick up shifts while Jimmy is booked in with his support workers. 

Nikki says that it does get difficult at times. "Being a mum so young, I didn't get that carefree life that most 17-year-old's get," she said. "I had responsibility." She also admits that she has not always been this content with her situation and her heart broke when she was made aware that Jimmy was born with disabilities. Nonetheless, Nikki says that she is happy in life in the end and she thoroughly enjoys going on adventures with her son.

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