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Who is Derrick Jaxn? Relationship guru 'exposed' for cheating on wife, Internet says 'blind leading the blind'

The social media relationship expert and author, who happens to be married, has been exposed as an adulterer by a woman he is said to have known for ten years
UPDATED MAR 22, 2021
Derrick Jaxn (derrickjaxn Instagram)
Derrick Jaxn (derrickjaxn Instagram)

Self-proclaimed relationship expert Derrick Jaxn is having to do some damage control following recent headlines of his alleged affair. Jaxn has been allegedly cheating on his wife of four years, based on the claims of Candice De Medeiros, a woman who says she's been having an affair with him.

Medeiros reached out to vlogger Tasha K recently to expose their affair, noting that she has known Jaxn since 2009 after getting acquainted over Twitter. She said that Jaxn flew her to Miami for a romantic weekend in July last year during which his wife was apparently in Colorado with her family.


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Derrick Jaxn (derrickjaxn Instagram)

Candice said that she became suspicious of the state of his marriage after Jaxn once said they should only communicate via Snapchat. She also noted that Jaxn said he didn't have plans to get back together with his wife as they tried to reconcile but it didn't work out. Madame Noire stated Candice then quoted Jaxn, who allegedly said, "I’ve done stuff in the past. She hurt me. I hurt her. I cheated on her and even till this day she doesn’t know." Candice said after that conversation, Jaxn blocked her on all his social media a few days later.

Who is Derrick Jaxn?

With 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 753K subscribers on YouTube, Derrick Jaxn calls himself a self-love ambassador, entrepreneur and author. With his huge following, Jaxn became a social media relationship “expert” because his platform was based on having healthy relationships, being honest and loving Black women. Additionally, he has written best-selling books with titles like 'A Cheating Man's Heart' and a book of poems titled ''I Still Want It' among others. 

Derrick Jaxn's explanation

According to Jaxn in a new video addressing the rumors, he says that he and his wife were separated during that time. "At that point, what I decided was 'Okay, the marriage is done,'" he said. "But in order for me to have an opportunity to have this happiness or have this fulfillment that I'm looking for, I have to come into alignment with God. In order for me to connect with God, I gotta clear some things out."

Jaxn continued, "So, I threw away my liquor, I threw away every bit of other things that I was using. I cut off everybody, Candice included. Now, I won't say that I gave an explanation, all I said was this ain't right and we don't need to talk again until this divorce is final."

According to Candice's allegations, she said she has even visited his home in Atlanta, Georgia. The mistress has also provided receipts of her meetups with Jaxn, including a cozy photograph taken from the bed he shared with his wife in their Atlanta home. Candice claimed she saw moving boxes in the home so she couldn’t help but believe him when he said he and his wife were separating and believed she was moving out. Jaxn also confirmed she had been invited home and says she was aware he was going through a separation. 

Tasha K alleges that he’s been cheating throughout the entire marriage and recently posted a video of another woman accusing him of cheating.

Watch Derrick Jaxn's explanation and Tasha's video below.


What social media had to say

Meanwhile, his followers on Instagram aren't convinced by Jaxn's explanation. "He lying fasho!! I’m glad I always scrolled passed his 'Knowledge' videos," said a follower while another wrote, "If the pot calling the kettle black was a person." One fan said, "That’s what y’all get for putting y’all relationship decisions in the hands of this man 😂."

"Lol they always be 'separated'," expressed a fan. One fan commented, "This man talking in circles lord😭." "Can’t be preaching that stuff you talkin abt and you not practicing it 🤷🏾‍♂️," added another fan. Another commented on Tasha's YouTube video saying: "It's like blind leading the blind".