What is The Moan Space? Zack Fox 'joins' bizarre Clubhouse contest with $200 prize

Zack Fox has had an inclination towards the subject of 'moaning' for a while and he spoke about it in 2020

                            What is The Moan Space? Zack Fox 'joins' bizarre Clubhouse contest with $200 prize
A screenshot from the Clubhouse room — The Moan Space (L), which was joined by comedian Zack Fox (Twitter/daniel, Instagram/Zack Fox)

Since its launch this year, Clubhouse has caught on as one of the most entertaining and interactive social media apps across the world. While the portal is dedicated to fostering meaningful conversations, debates, and discussions on a wide range of topics, there are some pretty bizarre rooms coming up as well. For instance, a bizarre room called 'The Moaning Space' was created on June 10, 2021, which hosted a moaning contest for the participants. 

As per the rules, the attendees were supposed to show off their moaning skills in the most sexual way possible. The contest also promised a $200 Cash App prize for the winner of the Best Moan. While participants enthusiastically flaunted moaning noises on speaker, there were some controversial moments as well. A bunch of attendees even spotted comedian Zack Fox as a participant.


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What is The Moan Space?

Within a few hours of its launch on Clubhouse, #TheMoanSpace became the top trend on Twitter in the US. As the room welcomed over 2,000 contestants, everyone started talking about it — some slamming the weirdly sexual contest while others cracking jokes about it. Some even floated the hashtags #MoanOlympics and #PandemicZ. The room also witnessed some controversial racist incidents, as one participant whose profile photo showed a White woman, dropped the [N-word] in the middle of the contest. She was soon slammed by other participants and ousted from the room. 



On Twitter, jokes and roasts about the room were also aplenty. One user tweeted, "I survived the #TheMoanSpace disaster of 2021". The thought was reiterated by others who also lauded themselves as survivors. A user wrote, "this gotta be the sickest thing i’ve ever seen on this app #themoanspace"

"How they gonna kick me out #themoanspace for playing Super Saiyan 3 Theme as a backing track to my screams? Do these people not understand how proper foundation is instrumental to art?" one contestant joked. "#TheMoanSpace is going be a nightly thing now on Twitter isn't it?" one user dreaded.






Comedian Zack Fox became the center of Twitter roasting after his profile was spotted among the participants in the group. If it was indeed the comedy star himself, he did not participate but remained as a Listener instead. However, that prompted other users to launch a tirade of jokes about him, asking, "Why is Zack Fox in here?"

Meanwhile, it was found that Zack Fox has had an inclination towards the subject of 'moaning' for a while. In July 2020, he had tweeted, "moaning during sex is primitive both people should just say “bruh” at a gradually increasing volume." 




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