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Is MrBeast racist? YouTuber slammed for removing Clubhouse user from chat, Internet says there was 'no racism'

MrBeast began removing users from the Clubhouse call, and when he got to Sarmad, he said, 'Sorry, I'm really bad with names. I'm going to yote you as well'
Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson gets slammed for alleged 'racism' (YouTube/@MrBeast)
Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson gets slammed for alleged 'racism' (YouTube/@MrBeast)

Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast, one of the most popular YouTubers with over 50 million subscribers, has been accused of racism by a Clubhouse user who alleged that he was thrown out of a conversation because Donaldson could not pronounce his name. Farokh Sarmad took to Twitter to level his accusations towards Donaldson but was himself accused of slander by those who rejected Sarmad's version of events.

Clubhouse is an up and coming social networking app that allows users to join huge group calls where they can listen to conversations and interviews on a wide variety of topics. The app's current invite-only nature has made joining and using the app appealing for many.


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The incident happened when Donaldson aka MrBeast began removing users from the Clubhouse call. However, when he got to Sarmad, Donaldson said, "Sorry, I'm really bad with names. I'm going to yote you as well."

(Youtube/MrBeast channel)

Sarmad then took to Twitter to talk about his side of the event, writing, "Mr. Beast just threw me out of his stage on Clubhouse after bringing me up saying: 'I can’t spell your name so let me yote you out' [Thread]." He continued, "'Yote' is past tense for 'yeet', so pretty much means 'throw you out'."

He added, "He asked the audience to put photos of ourselves with Gary Vee so I did. He invited me on his stage filled with white dudes only, skipped me twice, then came back to me and just cut me to say that. I didn’t even place a word in."




Sarmad continued, "This isn’t a case of 'cancel culture'. This is racism. Blatant racism. I’m disgusted and I feel shocked tbh. He was on MY stage for a whole hour the other night too. Smh." He added, "Racism is not okay. I don’t care how rich or famous you are. I don’t care how clean your brand is. Allowing this in front of 1,400 people is not right. I feel disgusted tonight."



Many users, however, came to Donaldson's defense. One user tweeted a snippet from the call, writing, "C'mon now quit spreading lies about @MrBeastYT Here's the full context Do you call this racism?!" Another wrote, "You understand that falsely pulling the racism card for clout makes the actual problem of racism worse right."

One user wrote, "This is completely false and the worst slander I have ever seen. I work for MrBeast and I was removed from the panel at the same time as you. Jimmy said this in the panel as well and I'm sure that the inevitable reupload will become clear evidence that this is completely false!"




However, others came to Sarmad's defense, including Sarmad himself. He tweeted, "'Video evidence'... a video that was cut, not showing my name being skipped twice, the stage being given to others and then me being kicked off for my name when it was my turn to speak. Let’s see the full video."

A user tweeted, "I was there and listening. And I’m sorry it happened. This is such an important lesson in moderation etiquette, diverse stages, and knowing when to say I am sorry. While the context was he was kicking folks off the stage, Jimmy should NOT have done it like that." 

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson at Mr Beast burger store (YouTube)