Mnet 'Street Woman Fighter' finale: HolyBang vs Hook? Fans proud of the winners

The crews brought in guests like Chungha and Sunmi for the final missions

                            Mnet 'Street Woman Fighter' finale: HolyBang vs Hook? Fans proud of the winners
Hook and HolyBang competed for the first place (Mnet TV/YouTube)

Mnet aired the finale of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ on October 26. The 9th and final episode included the final missions and announced the winning crew. The performances were to be performed in front of a live audience that had the eliminated crews, as well as guests like Yena, Yuri and ONEUS. Kang Daniel also announced the rankings of the crew before the final mission began. Coca N Butter were #4, LACHICA were #3, Hook were #2 and HolyBang were #1. The rankings pretty much predicted the winners as, by the end of the episode, HolyBang and Hook were #1 candidates.

Two missions were introduced for the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ finale. In the Performance Sound Source Mission, the four crews had to partner up with an artist on their latest song and create a performance for it. Chungha appeared with LACHICA on stage for ‘Bad Girl’. Coca N Butter performed CL’s ‘Caviar’ along with the K-pop star herself. HolyBang brought in Simon Dominic and Loco for ‘No Break’. Sunmi, who was also a judge on Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’ survival show, teamed up with Hook on the song ‘Too young to die’.

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‘Street Woman Fighter’ finale missions

As for the second mission of the episode, titled Color of Crew Mission, the crews had to create a performance that would showcase their signature style. LACHICA incorporated waacking as they danced to ‘Bills’ and ‘Conga’ mashup. Coca N Butter included popping moves as they performed to an EDM remix of ‘Desperado’, ‘Ugly’ and ‘Make It Bun D**’. HolyBang choreographed a fierce hip hop stage to ‘Venom’. Hook decided to tell an emotional story with Yang Hee-eun’s ‘Mother to Daughter’ and even made use of sign language for their stage.


HolyBang wins 'Street Woman Fighter'

The leaders of all eight crews also got together to perform a Halloween version of Noze’s viral choreography ‘Hey Mama’ that she had made for the Class Mission. NCT’s Taeyong who is also a judge had joined the girls during practice and danced to the song. The final rankings were then announced with Coca N Butter at #4 and LACHICA at #3. HolyBang and Hook were in a close race for #1 with HolyBang winning with 1000 points. They also shared their bouquets with Hook who came #2 with 940 points and hugged them.



‘Won our hearts’

Excited fans made tweets like, “CONGRATULATIONS TO HOLYBANG FOR WINNING ON SWF!! THIS TEAM REALLY DESERVE THIS WIN.❤ SO PROUD OF MY GIRLS AAAHHH.” Another posted, “In the end it's not about Holybang or Hook who won the competition, it's WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN that won our hearts.” One shared, “This me after watching lachica's final stage.” Another fan commented, “Hook you will always be famous.” A fan added, "Caviar performed by Coca N Butter with CL is like their introduction and confirmation for MAMA 2021 OMG ."






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