'Street Woman Fighter': Chungha releases 'Bad Girl' for LACHICA, fans call her 'queen'

The finalist crews had to team up with an artist and create a performance for their original song

                            'Street Woman Fighter': Chungha releases 'Bad Girl' for LACHICA, fans call her 'queen'
Chungha and LACHICA for 'Street Woman Fighter' finale (@chungha_official/Instagram)

After going radio silent for a while, K-pop star Chungha is back with a bang. She last had a comeback with her first studio album ‘Querencia’ and was featured in Rain’s ‘Why Don’t We’ in February. She was also part of the I.O.I reunion for their fifth debut anniversary in May. Fans did spot her in various places like a wedding and art fairs, but that has been it. However, October is a good month for Byulharangs (her fandom) with Chungha releasing K-drama OSTs and an original song ‘Bad Girl’ for Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’.  

Last week, it had been reported that Chungha had lent her voice for the OST ‘Someday’ in the K-drama ‘One The Woman’. It should also be noted, that her former I.O.I member Doyeon also happens to be playing the second lead in the drama. Furthermore, fans were excited when they realized that Chungha would also be appearing on the popular survival show ‘Street Woman Fighter’. She has a close relationship with the participating crew LACHICA. They trained together, were her backup dancers and have also choreographed several of her performances.

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Chungha participates in ‘Street Woman Fighter’

Episode 9 of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ which also happens to be the final episode showed us the final two missions. The finalist crews had to create a performance for the Color of Crew Mission. They also had to create a performance for an artist and their original song for the Performance Sound Source Mission. The crews have been inviting artist friends for their previous missions and everyone wondered when LACHICA would bring Chungha since they are very close. Well, it looks like it finally happened, since the crew teamed up with the soloist for her original song ‘Bad Girl.’



Chungha created a new song ‘Bad Girl’ for LACHICA specially and gifted it to them on the final episode of ‘Street Woman Fighter’. On top of that, she also decided to participate in another way. The idol joined LACHICA for their performance of Performance Sound Source Mission. The crew danced in masks as Chungha suddenly appeared on stage. While LACHICA showcased their performance, she sang ‘Bad Girl’ live. Both acts were thankful to each other with Chungha calling herself the hidden member of LACHICA. The song ‘Bad Girl’ will be released on October 27 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET) on major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

'Bad girl is a hit'

Fans were pleasantly surprised with Chungha’s appearance on the show. One tweeted about the performance, “Chungha’s singing beside them.” Another fan added, “During Producer, Rian unnie was sitting in the audience to cheer for Chungha, but in SWF, Chungha sits in the audience and cries when she sees Rian tearing up the stage. "Isn't this epic?” One shared, “LACHICA’s FACES WHEN THEY SAW CHUNGHA.” Another excited fan said, “I AM LITERALLY JUMPING CHUNGHA IN SWF FOR LACHICA!! THAT'S RIGHT MY QUEEN.” “Bad girl is a hit! chungha never disappoints!” tweeted one fan.






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