Mitchell Duckro: Dad seen LAUGHING with cop HOURS after he killed daughter's ex-BF who tried to break into house

Mitchell Duckro: Dad seen LAUGHING with cop HOURS after he killed daughter's ex-BF who tried to break into house
Mitchell Duckro (L) told deputies that tensions had been building between Rayl and his daughter Allyson in the days leading up to the fatal shooting (YouTube/6IX World News and Twitter@BestJesus415)

SIDNEY, OHIO: A father who shot his daughter's ex-boyfriend was filmed laughing during a police interview several hours later. Mitchell Duckro, 52, shot James Rayl three times through the door of the Sidney, Ohio, home, after he showed up unannounced at about 11 am, July 31, and tried to gain entry. Doorbell camera footage obtained by DailyMail shows 22-year-old Rayl bouncing backward after being shot, stumbling, and falling to the ground, right next to the camera.

During a police interview later that day, Duckro told Shelby County Sheriff's Office officers that there had been tension between Rayl and his daughter, Allyson, in the days leading up to the fatal shooting. Allyson told police that she had broken up with Rayl in 2019 because he was "acting like a jerk" and that she felt compelled to block him on social media as a result. The night before the shooting, Rayl had left her a voicemail that "panicked" the family, Duckro told investigators.


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Duckro said he was "nervous" when Rayl showed up the next day and yelled at him to warn him. He claims he tried to get Rayl's attention by calling his name from the garage door, but he was ignored, so he locked the door to make sure he did not 'sneak in'. Duckro added that Rayl banged his shoulder against the door, trying to force his way in. Describing the moment he fired the gun, he said, "I noticed he started to jiggle the handles and stuff to see if it was locked and that was when I went up to the door. I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t force his way in. I’m pretty sure I was telling him to stop and leave and get off my porch or something. But I had my nine in my hand and then he started hitting it with his shoulder, pretty hard. Eventually, he was getting in, and when the door was open is when I shot." He continued, "I shot through the window part of the door because it was open and he was coming in. I didn’t have no grip. I was trying to shoot but I couldn’t, I freaked out finally did it and he was pushing hard and the gun fired I think three times twice up here and maybe another one I’m pretty sure it was three. They were all through the glass. He had turned and went off the porch and it’s kind of hard to remember after that. We was all freaking out obviously, I saw his legs lying there." 


Later in the questioning, Duckro laughs nervously as he tells the deputies that his daughter has not discussed her relationship with him. “She didn’t really tell me stuff, about guys,” Duckro said. “I understand daughters don’t want to talk too much with their dads about that kind of stuff,” the officer replied. 


The 52-year-old admitted that the firearm used in the shooting belonged to his father-in-law, and had been given to him after he went home but it was not registered in his name. When asked if he remembered Rayl, he added "Mostly I don’t recall meeting him. I knew it was not going the way that Ally was saying that they didn’t get along and it seemed like it was all taken care of and everyone went their separate ways but I guess not." His daughter told cops that she started ‘freaking out’ after her ex tried to break into the property, and ‘ran and hid’ because she didn’t know what to do. She added "I though the was always very nice. He was okay in high school but after he got back from California, he was just different. His close friends...he just started treating like c***and nobody wanted to deal with it."

A grand jury ruled 8 to 1 that Duckro should not be indicted on a felony charge, under the ‘Stand Your Ground’ ruling in the Ohio State legislature. The legislation and 'Castel Doctrine' laws allow homeowners to use lethal force when threatened.


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