‘You saved my life’: Allyson Duckro hailed dad on 911 call as he shot her intruder ex-BF James Rayl

‘You saved my life’: Allyson Duckro hailed dad on 911 call as he shot her intruder ex-BF James Rayl
Video footage showed James Rayl being shot in Ohio (@TheBestJesusChrist/Twitter and Justice for James Rayl/Facebook)

SIDNEY, OHIO: James Rayl was shot three times as he tried to intrude the Duckro property at North Kuther Road on July 31, 2022. The action was recorded on the Ring camera through which it is visible that Rayl tried to break into the property despite being warned by Allyson Duckro’s father, Mitchell Duckro repeatedly. 

Mitchell shouted, “I have a gun” before letting loose three rounds of nine mm through the door as Rayl tried to slam the wooden door with the force of his shoulder. Immediately after, Rayl can be seen making his way towards the porch as he collapses on the floor. The police have been interrogating the Duckro family regarding the incident and have retrieved some voicemails sent by Rayl to Allyson a night before the break-in was attempted.


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James Rayl was shot three times while trying to break into his ex-girlfriend's house (Twitter@BestJesus415)
James Rayl was shot three times while he tried to break into his ex-girlfriend's house (@BestJesus415/Twitter)


In one of the last voicemails sent by Rayl, he said, “Hi Ally, it’s James, I just wanted to get in touch because I just wanted to see how you are doing. And maybe hear from you if that’s okay, I guess. It’s been a while since I talked to you and I don’t know, I feel, I don’t know what I feel.” While, on one of the 911 calls, Allyson was heard saying, “Dad, you couldn't have done anything, you saved my life.”

The Duckro’s have listed their property at 2907 North Kuther Road on sale, intending to move away from the location and start fresh. In a statement, Mitchell has confirmed that he fired three rounds at Rayl during the break-in scenario to solidify the statement released by the Shelby County Prosecutor and Shelby County Sheriff's Office. The statement reads, “The front door was a solid wood door with a deadbolt lock. The deadbolt turned out to be in the locked position and the housing on the lock side of the door was broken. Three holes were found in the decorative glass window in the door and three hollow point 9mm spent cartridges were found on the floor. The weapon was on the mantelpiece of the fireplace.”

Moreover, homeowners under the ‘Castle Doctrine’ are permitted to use lethal force when threatened, ruling out a felony charge against Mitchell. The grand jury ruled 8 to 1 in Mitchell’s favor with the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in the Ohio legislature.


On the other hand, Rayl’s family has launched the ‘Justice for James Rayl’ campaign on Facebook as they believe he set out without any malicious intentions. His sister, Jessica Marie Colbert, has labeled the Duckro family as disgusting and cursed misery to pile over them.


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