Where is Leigh Ann Bauman's ex-husband? Missouri realtor allegedly kidnapped her kids, pulled gun on pizza guy

Where is Leigh Ann Bauman's ex-husband? Missouri realtor allegedly kidnapped her kids, pulled gun on pizza guy
Leigh Ann Bauman's ex-husband accused her of physical and emotional abuse (Facebook)

LAKE OF THE OZARKS, MISSOURI: Leigh Ann Bauman, a Missouri realtor and a world record-winning power boater, has been charged with plotting to pay a hitman to murder her former mother-in-law and make it “look like an accident”. Bauman’s former husband has reportedly filed a petition for an order of protection for himself and his children following the arrest. 

As per reports, the 44-year-old mother of two was allegedly prepared to pay $1,500 for the hit in March by asking a friend for leads on a possible hitman. She told the friend “she knew it was wrong as a Christian, but she would go to church and ask for forgiveness after it was done”.


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Leigh Ann Bauman (Facebook)

Bauman’s one-time friend, identified as “CK” in court records, secretly recorded her after she had reportedly consumed “too much wine”. As per the probable cause statement, CK told Bauman the hitman would charge $1,500 for the deed. “Oh OK, that’s a reasonable price,” Bauman allegedly replied, before informing her friend she would head to the bank the following day.

Where is Leigh Ann Bauman's ex-husband now?

So far unnamed in reports, the ex-husband has filed a petition for an order of protection for himself and his children. He also accused the real estate agent of making “numerous threats to destroy me, personally and professionally,” drinking and driving, pulling a gun on a pizza delivery driver, kidnapping the kids when they were toddlers and years of physical and emotional abuse.

“Leigh Ann has always acted like she was above the law,” he said in the petition for a protective order, which a Miller County judge granted on Tuesday, May 4. He further said, “My daughters, my family, and I have endured so much emotional and psychological damage from Leigh Ann Bauman’s actions over the past 15 years. Now, her most recent actions of attempting to hire a hitman to kill my mother, have proven that she will stop at nothing if she feels/thinks/imagines someone is not doing what she wants.”

Leigh Ann Bauman (Facebook)

The petition also included a text message Bauman allegedly sent her daughter before her arrest: “Just because your grandma WILL die soon, please do not throw your REAL mother under the bus.” Unlike her ex-husband, Bauman’s boyfriend Serafino Cazzani, also known as Jimmy Cazzani, believes that she was “encouraged, betrayed, and entrapped” by CK, someone “she considered a friend”.

As per Cazzani, CK “didn’t set this up out of the goodness of her heart. Was it money? Was it jealousy?” The 61-year-old also believes Bauman was only joking about seeking God’s forgiveness during the conversation with CK. He said, “You’re drunk with your friend one night and say, ‘Yeah I hate my boyfriend.’ Next thing you know the friend goes to the cops and says, ‘She’s planning a murder.’”

Bauman had allegedly asked the killer to make the death of her ex-mother-in-law "look like an accident”. Speaking at a hearing after Bauman's initial trial, her ex-mother-in-law, who is identified as 'SRB' in the official complaint, claimed, "I'm scared to death... she wouldn't hesitate to hurt her daughters to get even with me, and she wouldn't hesitate to hurt my children because she knows it would destroy me."

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