What is Leigh Ann Bauman's alleged crime? Missouri realtor mom faces 10 years in jail for murder-for-hire plot

Bauman is embroiled in an alleged murder-for-hire conspiracy where she claims her 'hustler' friend is framing her for money

                            What is Leigh Ann Bauman's alleged crime? Missouri realtor mom faces 10 years in jail for murder-for-hire plot
Leigh Ann Bauman and her mugshot (Facebook/ Police handout)

LAKE OF THE OZARKS, MISSOURI: Leigh Ann Bauman's jury trial has finally been set for March 2022. The 43-year-old Lake Ozark resident is a self-described "pistol-packing cheer mom" with a glamorous career in real estate. Her Facebook profile brags of over 4,000 friends and her photos document every accomplishment in her career.

She describes her young daughter as 'My Sun, My Shine, My Babe' on social media and posts several lunches and outings with her. Recently, she was arrested for allegedly plotting to murder her ex-mother-in-law through a hitman she agreed to pay over a thousand dollars.


Who is Leigh Ann Bauman? Missouri realtor allegedly paid $1.5K to hitmen to murder former mother-in-law

Who is Leigh Ann Bauman's mother-in-law? Missouri realtor texted her daughter 'your grandma WILL die soon'

Leigh Ann Bauman (Facebook)

What is Leigh Ann Bauman's alleged crime?

In court documents, prosecutors cite a friend of Bauman's who recorded her talking about hiring a hitman to kill her mother-in-law. Bauman has since been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, which is a class C felony. Bauman has made bail since her March arrest and is out of the Camden County Jail after posting a bond of $400,000. If convicted, she will have to spend over a decade in prison. Last week, a mental evaluation was ordered by the court for Bauman’s case. Court records reveal jury trial is set to begin on March 14, 2022.

Bauman had allegedly agreed to pay a hitman a lumpsum amount of $1,500 to kill her ex-mother-in-law who she believed was trying to interfere in her relationship with her children. In a recount of how matter's progressed, Bauman's friend CK who turned her in said the realtor had texted her asking for a hitman, before inviting her over to discuss the charges. This is when CK recorded the conversation before giving it to the police the next day. 

Leigh Ann Bauman (Facebook)

'I'm scared to death': Bauman's ex-mother-in-law

Bauman had allegedly asked the killer to make the death of her ex-mother-in-law "look like an accident”. During her interview with the police, she had reportedly left for a botox appointment. On returning, she claimed to be innocent and denied that she had attempted any such crime. Bauman has maintained that it was her friend CK who "framed" her, but her target is convinced otherwise. 

Speaking at a hearing after Bauman's initial trial, her ex-mother-in-law, who is identified as 'SRB' in the official complaint, claimed, "I'm scared to death... she wouldn't hesitate to hurt her daughters to get even with me, and she wouldn't hesitate to hurt my children because she knows it would destroy me." Her ex-husband, whom she divorced several years ago, has been granted protection since Bauman's arrest to keep himself and their children safe. He claims, "My daughters, my family and I have endured so much emotional and psychological damage from Leigh Ann Bauman's actions over the past 15 years. She has made numerous threats to destroy me, personally and professionally."

Leigh Ann Bauman (Facebook)

Bauman claims she's being framed

Bauman's motives against her ex and his mother were reportedly spurred when she recently went to pick up her children but they refused to come with her. CK's testimony claims Bauman then proceeded to text her asking, "Do you know anybody?" When CK texted back asking if she was looking for marijuana, Bauman replied: "No, I want a hitman, somebody to get rid of her (mother-in-law)." CK questioned Bauman asking if she was serious, to which the realtor replied saying that she knew it was wrong as a Christian, but she would go to church and ask for forgiveness after it was done, claim prosecutors.

Subsequently, one evening Bauman invited CK to her house where the informant happened to record the realtor talking about hiring someone to kill her ex-mother-in-law. In a conversation recorded by CK, where they claim to have found the hitman Bauman requested for, the realtor says, "Oh okay, that's a reasonable price," about paying the killer-for-hire $1,500. Bauman reportedly expressed her desire to go to the bank the next day on May 4 to presumably arrange the payment, but instead ended up being interviewed by troopers after her friend snitched on her. According to court documents, Bauman then 'gasped' and blamed everything on her friend-turned-informant, calling her a 'hustler' who was trying to get money from her.

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