'They are not going to let me go': Missing mom Debbie Collier sent CHILLING last message before she was found dead in ravine

'They are not going to let me go': Missing mom Debbie Collier sent CHILLING last message before she was found dead in ravine
Missing mom Debbie Steve Collier (pictured) sent her daughter an eerie last message day before she was found dead in ravine (Debbie Steve Collier/ Facebook)

ATHENS, GEORGIA: The missing mother from Athens sent an eerie last message to her daughter before she was found dead in a ravine. A harrowing report reveals that Debbie Collier's body was found in a Georgia county one day after she sent Amanda Bearden, her daughter $2,385 via Venmo with the message, "They are not going to let me go, love you." 

When Bearden tried to call her mother on Saturday, September 10, after receiving the message, her mother didn't pick up any of her calls, so Bearden reported her missing to the Athens Clarke County Police. Investigators say that they're treating her death as a homicide rather than a suicide. Police also are paying attention to the disturbing statement her daughter made which suggested that there may have been a violent kidnapping, 11Alive reported.


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The missing mother was discovered to have rented an SUV on September 10 and left the house she and her husband shared. The report states that Bearden claimed her missing mom left her home carrying only her debit card and driver's license.

Cops after learning that Collier's rented car was fixed with the SiriusXM satellite radio, used its technology to track her location. On Sunday, September 11 SiriusXM tracked the vehicle to US 441 near Victory Home Lane, 60 miles north of the Athens, Georgia, home of Collier, and contacted the Habersham County Sheriff's Office. Her body was discovered in a nearby ravine, away from the highway, after the sheriff's office searched the area around the SUV with a K-9. 

Following notification of the discovery, the State Fire Marshal's Office, the coroner's office, and the Criminal Investigations Division of the Habersham County Sheriff's Office all arrived on the scene. Additionally, investigators informed Collier's family. As authorities removed her remains from the scene, her husband and other family members watched from a distance. In order to determine the precise cause and manner of death, the GBI medical examiner will perform an autopsy. The sheriff's office is still investigating the matter.

Collier's husband Steven Collier claimed he last saw his wife at around 9 pm on September 9, the night before she vanished. Additionally, he admitted to seeing her car the following morning as he left for work, Now Habersham reported. Debbie Collier had been the front office manager at Carriage House Realty in Athens for many years. She married Steve Collier in 2013.

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