Irene Gakwa case: How a missing woman's fiance took the woman LOOKING FOR HER to court and lost

Nathan Hightman, Irene Gakwa's fiance was allegedly angered by social media posts shared by the lead investigator and the volunteer leading her search

Irene Gakwa case: How a missing woman's fiance took the woman LOOKING FOR HER to court and lost
Irene Gakwa who was an immigrant from Kenya was reported missing by her brothers on March 20, 2022([email protected])

GILLETTE, WYOMING: The fiance of a missing woman lost the case against the lead researcher after the judge ruled out in the favor of the latter. Irene Gakwa was reported missing on March 20, 2022, by her brothers. The 32-year-old was a recent immigrant from Kenya who lived with her family in Idaho before moving to Wyoming with her fiance identified as Nathan Hightman.
The search for the missing Irene Gakwa is being led by volunteer Stacy Koester. According to KRQE News, social media posts shared by Koester about the search for Gakwa angered Hightman. He then sought a protective order against the lead researcher but unfortunately, lost the case. For the unversed, Nathan Hightman is also a person of interest in the case. According to the publication, Gakwa’s family got concerned after noticing how Gakwa started using solely English in text messages instead of a mix of English and Swahili earlier.
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Irene Gakwa (Facebook@Find Irene Gakwa)
Irene Gakwa (Faceboo[email protected] Irene Gakwa)


According to KRQE News, Koester asserted, “I think he is worried that we’re closing in on him by sharing Irene’s story so much.” Speaking of the case, the judge addressed Hightman, saying, “I can’t find that, sir, you met your burden of proof to prove that an act of stalking occurred in this case.” Koester shared that she hopes the judge’s decision will give the community a better chance at finding Gakwa.
The publication shared that the lead researcher will be back on TikTok searching and sharing her opinions of Hightman to find Gakwa or her body. Gakwa’s fiance Hightman reportedly told cops that Gakwa packed clothing into two plastic bags and announced that she was leaving Gillette, Wyoming adding that she left the place in a dark-colored SUV.
Irene Gakwa’s fiance was soon arrested. He was charged for draining Gakwa’s bank accounts, deleting her email account, and using her credit card at Walmart. He reportedly bought a shovel, a pair of boots, and a pair of pants. Hightman pleaded not guilty to the charges that he used Gakwa’s bank account and credit card. He was released on a $10K bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on November 3.
Gakwa was living in Gillette after she moved to the US from Kenya nearly three years ago. She wanted to pursue nursing as her career, as reported by CNN. Gakwa’s father told the publication, “She was supposed to come home for Christmas this year. I was going to buy that ticket myself for her to come if she couldn't afford it. Now I don't know if I'll ever see her again.”


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