'Mindhunter' Season 2: 'Really small' Charles Manson to 'low-key sociopath' Holden Ford, 5 major storylines to look forward to

With serial killers like Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam, the soon-to-be-named BTK killer as major parts of the show, here are five major plot points we expect to see in the next season

                            'Mindhunter' Season 2: 'Really small' Charles Manson to 'low-key sociopath' Holden Ford, 5 major storylines to look forward to

Inspired by John E. Douglas' crime book 'Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit', FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) scrabble about the minds of serial killers. The second season of 'Mindhunter' is all set to roll out after a long, two-year gap and there is much mayhem about the new storylines in the show.

While the first season was set in 1977, the second season will follow the Atlanta murders of 1979–81 and the first set of pictures were proof enough. The teaser and official trailer also offer the first look of Wayne Williams, the primary suspect in the case. Moreover, serial killers like Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam, the soon-to-be-named BTK killer, and Edmund Kemper are expected to be seen in pivotal parts on the show. Here are five major plot points we expect to see in season two.

Atlanta child murders: Open-ended case?

The infamous incident took place over a two-year period when at least 28 African-American children and adolescents, mostly under the age of 15, were brutally killed. While Wayne Williams was the prime suspect in the case, he could never be convicted for the crimes. Considering how the unsolved murder files were reopened recently, it is yet to be seen if it will remain unsolved in the show as well. Or perhaps, the show creators could hopefully take some creative liberties and actually find the serial killers in the show.

A still from the second season of 'Mindhunter'. (Twitter)


Charles Manson: 'Really small' serial killer

The official trailer of 'Mindhunter' puts much spotlight on the stature of serial killer Charles Manson. Ed Kemper warns the special agents: “One more thing, Manson is small, like, really small — try not to stare." Soon after, Manson's tiny figure appears in a shadow from the prison. 

Actor Damon Herriman has been cast for the role and, coincidentally, he will also play the infamous criminal in Quentin Tarantino's new movie 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'. While the show focuses on criminal psychology by delving deeper into the childhood and past experiences of criminals, it will be interesting to see if it also put the spotlight on Manson's passion for music and his obsession with the Beatles!

Actor Damon Herriman plays the role of serial killer Charles Manson. (Netflix)


Agent Ford: A low-key psychopath?

In the season finale, Ford becomes a media sensation, breaks up with his girlfriend Debbie and has an eerie encounter with Ed Kemper. With all the chaos in his personal and professional life, he feels the mental and emotional strain and collapses due to a panic attack. There are many theories around how Ford, himself, could be a borderline psychopath, and season two needs to delve deeper into his personality traits.

In season one, there were several moments where Ford himself felt quite alienated from the humane side and was more empathetic towards criminals than needed. It seems like season two will put the focus on his personality issues.

Jonathan Groff in a scene from season one where he collapses due to an anxiety attack. (IMDb)

Wendy Carr: The missing cat

Will Dr. Wendy Carr (Anna Torv) finally solve the mystery of the missing cat in season two? Although she never actually sees the cat in her apartment, she leaves it a can of tuna. When she returns to it later, the can is licked clean. But the second time, it remains as it was. Was there even a cat in the first place? David Fincher, the producer of the show, hinted on the possibility of a serial killer murdering cats in the neighborhood. 

"It’s the birth of a new sociopath that we don’t quite know about," Fincher said. Hopefully, the case will be solved in season two and it may add to Carr's trailblazing personality.

Anna Torv plays Wendy Carr in 'Mindhunter'. (IMDb)


Bill Tench: Adopted son

Special agent Bill Tench may be breaking new grounds in his interviews with serial killers. But, he seems to have trouble with his adopted kid back home. Throughout season one, it was seen how he doesn't have time for his child and wife. As the agents explore having a "missing father" as a major childhood issue for serial killers, it could also transpire in his personal life. Hopefully, the new season will address the problem and Tench may be able to take some time off for his family or perhaps, see his son entering the dark side.

A still from 'Mindhunter' season two. (Netflix)


From the ADT serviceman's revelation as the serial killer Dennis Lynn Rader aka BTK killer which signifies "bind, torture and kill" to David Berkowitz as Son of Sam's confession letters, there are several other plotlines to be explored.  Stay tuned for more heinous crimes as all episodes of 'Mindhunter' season two premiere on Netflix this August 16. 

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